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Just a bit bogged!

Following heavy rains and flooding in Northern Kenya in the past 2 weeks our intrepid driver Brendan has sent us an update from our Cairo to Cape Town trip

The roads from Moyale to Marsabit were rough, but fine until the rain started and it turned slick, but we got to Moyale OK.  When we tried to continue we got stuck in mud in town for 3 hours and got back to the local service station and stayed the night.  After a dry morning we made a dash for it and got 7 kms before a torrential downpour and realised that there were over 48 trucks stuck in the mud on the road heading north.  We moved on a bit but couldn’t pass the trucks stuck that night so stayed in the truck (we couldn’t cook or set up tents as there were people from the other trucks everywhere and they hadn’t eaten for days, so cooking would have caused a riot).

The next morning we got bogged again for 5 hours, the road dried a bit, but we only moved 7 kms that day.  The next day we got moving past the worst bogged trucks and made our way slowly to Nanyuki.  It was a huge relief for all of us to get to Nakuru, but then we got stuck going up the steep and muddy drive for Kembu camp, had to laugh and cry, but they had a tractor and had us out in no time.

It is still a bit wet but fine.  Our group of Oasis travellers coped fantastically well and helped us a lot digging the truck out of the mud etc and coping with the slow progress and impromptu overnight stops.  You know how it is, I think after the fact the group have loved the experience but it was pretty tough at the time.  Claire our Oasis tour leader, I must say coped incredibly well as did everyone and was positive and helpful throughout the whole period.  Especially when there was many warnings about bandits, Claire organised 3 Askari’s for the night which put everyone at ease.

The truck coped well!  Lost a few bits of steel on the roads, like a BBQ plate etc.  But nothing that cannot be welded back on.

Looking forward to more tarred roads now!

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