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The Oasis Overland Experience!

Jackson and Zaskia sent this blog of their 15 week Kingdoms & Carnivals trip in South America.

Life on the big yellow Oasis truck with Colin and Sam (our Oasis Overland tour leader & driver) over the last couple of months has been quite the experience.  Sam’s effervescent personality and Colin’s ‘humour’ make even the most mundane of tasks (truck clean, cook group, flapping) enjoyable.  The trip itself has been organised so well with activities from the popular Inca Trail (hurt like hell), cycling down the worlds most dangerous road (as seen on tv’s Top Gear and also cheaper than a vasectomy) to lesser known activities such as horse riding with authentic guachos (great steaks and wine but felt like being punched in the groin for three hours straight) and ice trekking up volcanoes!!!

It’s not all go go go though, with some beach breaks and plenty of free time to explore on our own. The other day we hired bikes to explore, finding a local man gardening who offered to take us to some six hundred year old caves with rock paintings.  This was in the lovely winery region of Cafayete so what better way to end than finish up at what become our favourite winery (Mounier) with a couple of bottles of vino and a cheese platter overlooking the whole town centre.

We are only half way through and already the amazing things we have seen have made this a life changing experience, not to mention the fortune of having a great group to travel with!  A wise man once pondered ‘how’s the serenity?’ and although rhetorical the answer right now is invariably pretty damn good! They also say travelling broadens your horizons, very true.  Life is like a box of chocolate.

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