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New Years Eve in Rio – one big beach party for Oasis travellers!

Sam, one of our tour leaders in South America, sent us this great blog about her group’s awesome New Years Eve celebrations in Rio

Oasis Overland tour group in Rio for New Years Eve“Day 105 of our Kingdoms & Carnivals overland trip from Quito, Ecuador and a truck full of Oasis passengers, Colin & I descended on Rio de Janeiro. The thrill & anticipation of one of the world´s largest New Years Eve parties distracting us for a while from the inevitable goodbyes to our last truck family & the imminent excitement of starting our next overland trip back south again.

I headed straight down to the infamous Copacabana beach to get my bearings and pick where to meet up on the 31st; then straight back to a mad few days of getting Bob (Spongebob – our truck) ready for our new group. Cleaning; shopping; sorting; varnishing; servicing; greasing & drying out the tents (which went away sopping wet) luckily just before the rain started up in Rio for the rest of our stay.

Oasis Overland travellers in Rio on New Years EveNew Years Eve – Dressed from top to toe in white we gathered in reception (I know, I know hardly the most practical colour when heading off to a beach party with 2 million + people, but in the name of tradition we embraced it). By some miracle down on the beach we managed to meet up with most of our old overland group and a whole heap of our new group of passengers and the party well and truly began.  As the beers were consumed, the crowd progressively grew, the heavens opened, the music pumped and the countdown to the massive fireworks display commenced.

Oasis Overland group on Copacabana beach in Rio for New Years EveAs the physical pressure of the masses took its toll, a few group members opted for an early get away; but the territorial battle for our patch of beach was worth every second as midnight exploded upon us, illuminating the sky with an unequalled, breathtaking show of light.

The hugs and kisses soon subsided and the wave of physical exhaustion kicked in, time to attempt to break free from the throng of people.  Squeezing & shoving, pulling & tugging our way through to the main road, desperately searching for a way out of the awesome madness, the pressure from the crowd was crushing us, our feet, our chests and in turn our hands as we held on to each other as if lives depended on it.  We just made it intact but minus a few flip flops.

Fireworks on Copacabana beach in Rio on New Years EveNew Years Day, and yes we could look back and laugh.  We recovered; ´just´; in time to bring our 4 hectic days in Brazil’s capital to an end with the start of our new overland trip southbound, tearing away from the old friends and whole heartedly welcoming the new.”

Our Kingdoms & Carnivals trips ending in Rio December/starting in Rio January coincide with the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Copacabana beach.


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