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Preparing for the Silk Road overland trip

On June 6th our Silk Road Expedition will leave Istanbul, the start of a 15 week journey to Beijing!  Andy Robinson will be driving the truck carrying the Japanese film crew and will be blogging about the trip on his website.  In fact, he’s started already, here is his first missive:


Planning a four month trip through Central Asia isn’t something that can be done in five minutes. In fact this trip has been in the making for well over a year and has required a huge amount of research and coordination from Japan, the UK and numerous places in the ‘Stans.

First the idea had to be put forward for funding from the film crew to NHK in Japan. Then they had to find a reputable company who was prepared to run an overland trip through such a demanding part of the world that had not only one truck, but two.  Having been part of their support crew in South America in 2009/10 the Japanese approached me to help. With seven years of experience in the industry I knew there weren’t too many options but Oasis Overland based in Somerset were up for the challenge.

With the help of Oasis’s Fleet Manager Mark Middleton (who used to be my boss at Exodus Travels and fellow Mongol Rally driver in 2007) we managed to conjure up an itinerary that suited everyone.  The staff at Oasis HQ have done an incredible amount of work in a relatively short space of time to advertise and market the trip to encourage passengers to join.

Many people have overlanded along the famed Silk Road but very few have done so with a Japanese film company in tow. Filming in little known about countries such as Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Krgygstan and China will no doubt create some interesting twists and turns…

While the passengers are there to have fun and explore the magic and mystery that exists in Central Asia, the film crew and the support crew are there to work. It will be a demanding and challenging role but one that will generate its own different kind of adventure.  Overlanding isn’t all about the destination – its about the journey to the destination.

Planning and organised such a trip can be as eventful and challenging as actually undertaking it and right now we have the small matter of how to get the support truck from Jordan to Turkey in time for the start of the trip; driving it through Syria is no longer an option….!

My aim is to keep you as entertained as I can from now until the finish….

Check out our Silk Road trip webpages if you’re interested in joining us and contact us as soon as possible as visas have to be obtained in advance

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