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Peru, from deserts and mountains to jungle and wonderful Inca cities!

Ricardo, Peru tour leader extraordinaire! Ricardo, who leads our Peru tours, sent us this snippet about what it’s like working in his home country…

“One day I’m in the middle of the huge city of Lima and the next night I’m sleeping in the middle of the desert in Huacachina under thousands of stars.  A couple of days later I’m hiking through the deepest canyon in the world in Arequipa and the next morning flying to see the Amazon rainforest!  And all of this can happen in less than a week!

Procession through Cuzco in PeruWith an amazing geography there is almost too much to see and do on a Peru tour – this country is one of my favourite places in the world, and for me it is also home!  Its great food variety and diverse mixture of geography combined with a rich ancient culture makes me enjoy every single trip and I enjoy nothing better than eating guinea pig to recover energy after a hike!

Dune buggying to the Huacachina Oasis on our Peru toursEvery time someone asks me if the piranhas would eat them, I always ask them if they wouldn’t like to try them first?!  Last time we went to the jungle we had a delicious piranha banquet!  But to go fishing for them you need to jump in a small canoe no bigger than a caiman which are the little cousin of the alligators… No matter what part of my Peru trips I’m on, there is always something exciting to see!”

Machu Picchu at the end of the Inca TrailSee the Inti Raymi Festival on our Peru trips in June


We’re not sure whether Ricardo is serious about the guinea pig or not – but it is a common dish in Peru so we’ll take his word for it!


We have several trips to Peru as well as Bolivia including 15 days Incas & Amazon and 30 days Peru & Bolivia Encompassed.  Or check out all our Peru trips.

Please contact us if you have any queries, we are always happy to chat about our trips!

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