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What is Overlanding?

Our Silk Road Trip driver, Andy Robinson wrote this insightful and we think, quite amusing piece on what overlanding is all about.  If you’ve booked a trip with us, you could forward it to any friends or family who are wondering what on earth you’re doing!

Ever since Man picked his knuckles up off the floor and stopped swinging from the rafters he’s been on the move, searching and exploring. To begin with, food water and shelter were necessary in order to survive but once he’d got the hang of that Man decided to go wild and branch out a little further.

Originally there was no alternative to crossing the vast expanses of land in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas so the only way to find out what was over the next mountain or across the next valley was to go by foot. Once he realised walking was hideously overrated Man began utilising horses, donkeys, camels, elephants and anything else that could be coerced or kicked up the arse, into carrying him and all his gear.

The desire to trade goods, start fights, seize land, develop civilisations and defrock exotic women have all tempted Man to travel further afield over land. The human urge for something new hasn’t waned since.  Alexander the Great, the Romans, Attila the Hun, Marco Polo on the Silk Road, Genghis Khan and umm Ewan McGregor.  All have led the way in all things new and vast, each of them stamping their own particular brand of exploration on the world.

An expedition can often be described as a journey with a purpose, such as Richard the Lionheart’s Crusade to the Holy Land, but overland travel sees the journey as the purpose.  It isn’t all about the destination; it’s about the journey to the destination.

Even such great warriors and explorers quickly realised it was much more fun exploring and fighting with other people of the same ilk rather than doing so on their own.  Such huge expeditions with thousands of men and animals probably wouldn’t fall into the ‘group travel’ category but the origins were certainly there…

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Andy will be driving the truck carrying the Japanese film crew on our Exploratory Silk Road overland trip.  It’s not the first time he’s done this sort of thing and he’s written a book about a similar jaunt with another overland company in South America – check it out: South America: Overland

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