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Silk Road overland trip is now going to Kazakhstan

Oasis Overland truck and groupThe departure date for our Exploratory Silk Road overland trip is drawing near – only a few weeks until it sets off from Istanbul on 6th June!  This will be the first time we’ve travelled some parts of the Silk Road overland route so it will be an adventure for Oasis travellers and crew alike.  Delays and diversions will be a possibility as they encounter changes to road routes or visa requirements, adverse weather conditions or just find they are enjoying themselves somewhere so much they really have to stay a day longer…

We’ve recently made one change to a few days on the Silk Road trip itinerary, on the section that travels from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan.  Despite our efforts, we will not be able to take the truck through the mountains to Osh but our alternative route will show us another Central Asian country, Kazakhstan and will take us to the Aksu-Dzhabagly Nature Reserve.  We’ll have 2 nights here to take in the stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, rivers and valleys and hope to see some wildlife including bears, golden eagles, ibex and argali, the wild sheep of central asia.

Time allowing, we will also visit Syram.  At over 3000 years old it is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan and was once a busy little stop off point on the old Silk Road.

You can travel to Kazakhstan on the these Silk Road trips:

15 weeks Istanbul to Beijing

63 days Istanbul to Bishkek

Please note: It is now too late to apply for Iranian visas for the trip starting in June 2012.  If you wish to travel this year, you can still book the 40 day Bishkek to Beijing section or if you’d like to join the trip earlier, please contact us as we may be able to arrange another pick up point.

We now have Silk Road trip dates set for 2013!

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