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What is the opposite of all-inclusive…… answer OVERLANDING!


At the end of April the team at Oasis Overland eagerly watched an article on the BBC breakfast news about all-inclusive holidays.  As you all know, we are members of Tourism Concern who as an organisation were questioning the resurgence of the ‘all-inclusive’ model of tourism.

As well as being members of Tourism Concern, we also sit on their Ethical Tour Operators Group.   Whilst every type of tourism has it pros, all of us have an inherent dislike from an ethical point of view of ‘all-inclusive’ deals.  This is because they can, unless very responsibly managed, be so exclusive in their way of keeping the tourist dollar in the hands of big companies.  Sadly these are predominantly western and large hotel chains even if they are locally owned.   Chains like this can in some cases not only have a negative impact on local business but also can build resentment with local communities who are excluded and often treated and paid very low wages by profit hungry corporations.

We believe that overlanding is about as opposite to the all-inclusive model as you can get.  This is from the point of view of the type of travel, but also the money being paid by the client getting better spread into the local community.  Oasis Overland has always been very proud to work with local suppliers and families and support local communities.  As the company has grown, we have still continued to prioritise working with the suppliers we like, trust and know offer unrivalled experiences for our travellers.  We don’t believe in squeezing down prices and we will always seek to treat everyone we work with fairly.  We like to think our suppliers enjoy our travellers coming through and we want to keep it that way!

So remember come along on your trip, have fun and spend your pennies in as many different places as possible!  We’ll get off our soapbox now…..





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  1. Rahul Ranjan says

    Its a bit interesting to read but I think something is missing in the story as its not very clear here what is OVERLANDING. A bit that I get form this article is that the OverLanding might be a tourism organisation or just a group to processional tourist for a dedicated destination as is.

  2. admin says

    Hi Rahul
    Thanks for your comments. Overlanding is a way to travel (and we think the best way!) Check out this definition on wikipedia.

    Or click on one of the tabs at the top of our website to check out our overlanding trips in different parts of the world.

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