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Cape Cross Seal Colony in Namibia


For many years we have been visiting the seal colony at Cape Cross on Namibia’s coast.  Seeing these animals in their natural habitat has been a highlight for our travellers and those of other tour companies alike.  However, we have become aware of an annual seal hunt that takes place at several beaches along Namibia’s coast including Cape Cross which involves up to 85,000 seal pups being clubbed to death and 6,000 adult males being shot.

Along with a growing number of travel companies, we have decided with immediate effect that we will no longer visit the Cape Cross Seal Colony.  We hope that the various campaigns to stop the hunt will change the current situation and that we will again visit the seal colony in the future.  In the meantime, we hope our travellers will understand our reasons for not visiting at this time.

Find out more about Namibia’s annual seal hunt

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  1. Kenzie says

    So why not bypass Namibia altogether, and have a noticable effect on their economy?

  2. admin says

    We don’t feel boycotting Namibia as a whole would be the right action for us to take as we are not against the Namibian government and people as a whole, just this policy of seal hunting. It would have a big affect if all tour companies did this but we feel it would adversely affect those not involved in the seal cull as well as our travellers for whom Namibia is a big highlight.

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