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El Gran Poder Festival in La Paz


The Guardian published a great article this weekend about festivals in Bolivia.  They all sounds awesome but they missed one… El Gran Poder Festival in Bolivia’s capital La Paz

El Gran Poder Festival in La Paz, Bolivia EncompassedEl Gran Poder means ‘the all powerful’ and during the festival a figure of Christ with dark features is paraded through the streets of La Paz accompanied by groups of dancers in themed costumes.  The consumption of beer and food are integral parts of the celebration!  Hundreds of people form the procession and even more line the roads to watch, making this one huge street party.

You can join in the festivities on our 11 day Bolivia Encompassed or 15 day Bolivia Encompassed tours starting 25th May 2013 or on our 30 day Peru & Bolivia Explorer starting 5th May 2013.

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  1. John says

    When is the Gran Poder Festival this year ?

  2. admin says

    Hi John – the Festival is schedule for 25th May this year. Hope you can join us!

  3. phil k says

    RE Gran Poder> hundreds of performers? and more watching? I estimated about 20,000 performers and probably several hundred thousand watching.The largest group was probably close to 1000 alone, hard to estimate when everyone is moving and the Morenada girls are distracting. Make that MASSIVE consumption of anything alcohol. It goes right by this building starting about 9am and went to about 11:30PM. This is a truly massive event. There were a few small groups that had a few obvious newbie Caucasian dancers. Maybe you could try to get some of your people into those groups as an incentive. And remember if they perform for 3 year continuous, the Gran Poder might grant their wishes.

  4. admin says

    Thanks Phil! It’s a fantastic festival, isn’t it? Some think it’s even better than Carnival!

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