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Oasis Staff Raise Money for Gorilla Conservation

Jackie, our Responsible Travel  Lead  and her 14 year old son Ethan took part in the Great Gorilla Run  in London on Saturday, 22nd September and so far, have raised almost £800 for this great cause. The pair had to run (well, mostly walk!) 8km through central London dressed as gorillas!  It was a bright sunny day and Jackie says ‘it was worth doing just for the look on bystanders faces as 350 people dressed as gorillas ran by!’ Bill Oddie was there to start the race and present medals at the end.  (Unfortunately, the Oasis team were not the fastest gorillas of the day…….but neither did they come last!)

The run raises money for The Gorilla Organization which works internationally to save the world’s last remaining gorillas in the wild from extinction by funding grass-roots projects run by local African partners aimed at tackling the very real threats to the gorillas’ long term survival.

Jackie visited the mountain gorillas in Zaire (as it was then) about 20 years ago (in her Tour Leading days) and says that it was an unforgettable experience. In 2010 Ethan climbed Mount Bisoki in Rwanda and was very fortunate to see a mountain gorilla, by chance, as he descended the mountain. Mountain Gorillas are one of the most endangered animals on earth, there are currently fewer than 800 of these incredible primates left. Conservation of the gorillas is something that Jackie and Ethan both feel quite passionate about and hence this run.

Jackie and Ethan would be delighted if you could sponsor either one of them and help them raise some more money for this worthwhile cause.  Just click on their names to be taken to their sponsorship pages.  If you’re interested in visiting the mountain gorillas yourself have a look at our 19 day Gorillas and Gameparks trip-travelling through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

They’re thinking of doing it again next year. If you’re interested in joining them let us know! We want a big Oasis team!


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