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Our Directors Chris and Steve are currently out discovering the new Egypt. Heres how they have found it…

Our two Directors Chris and Steve are currently out in Cairo for five days and have sent their first blog about how they are finding the ‘new Egypt’:

“We arrived into Cairo at 5am and were met by Mohamed Khalifa (who meets all our Oasis Groups).  He is passionate about the ‘new’ Egypt, the same as nearly all Egyptians you meet, and they all have their own opinions.  We had an interesting discussion with Mohamed on our 45 min transfer to the Havana Hotel in Mohandesseen.  With a referendum on the new constitution planned for this Saturday (15 December ) everyone is talking politics and in Tahrir Square and at the President’s palace in Heliopolis there are daily demonstrations by pro and anti government supporters – all well covered by international TV”.

“Driving though Cairo and visiting some of our favourite haunts is quite surreal because Cairo appears just the same as usual – busy, chaotic, traffic jammed, noisy and overcrowded with people rushing about their business or patiently hawking their wares from pavement vending points”.

“Steve and I went out on Sunday night to the Nightclub below the Swiss Inn Hotel in Mohandesseen to celebrate one of our friends’ birthdays.   After visiting a local Syrian restaurant (most people who have done one of our trips and stayed at Havana Hotel or Swiss Inn will know the ‘Syrian’ on the corner) for a takeaway lunch we thought we could not get better food, but the stuffed prawns, calamari, spiced liver and falafels we had tonight make me realise just why middle eastern food is arguably the best in the world”.

 Chris (and Steve)

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