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Sending Oasis Overland hugs to the people of Egypt

The Sphinx in Egypt

As you can imagine we have been following the news reports about what is happening out in Egypt very closely.  It goes without saying that safety comes first and so we definitely have our ear close to the ground as the emerging situation becomes known.

We have run trips out in Egypt for almost 15 years and over the years, Egypt has always been one of the safest, friendliest, and most interesting places to travel.  Though of course there is some uncertainty at the moment, we know that the Egyptian people are strong, with big hearts and a lot of determination.  We are sure that once the political issues can be brought onto a more stable footing then the country’s tourism facilities will be accessible / operational again very quickly.  We urge all of our travellers to please keep Egypt on their list of places to travel, and we hope that they will be able to do so in the near future, with us or by any other means.  This we feel will be a great help to the Egyptian people in recovering from the current situation, as well as a fantastic holiday.

In this period of uncertainly our heart goes out to the Egyptian people.  We love Egypt, and we hope that some stability resumes soon, not only for the sake of the people out there, but also so travellers can explore this ancient and fascinating destination.

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4 Responses

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  1. Ben Miller says

    I went to Egypt last year with Oasis, loved the country, people and the culture. I hope that they find a lasting peaceful settlement to the issues that have come to the fore recently.

  2. admin says

    Thanks for your comment Ben. We’re glad to hear you loved Egypt and hope too that the current issues will soon be resolved.

  3. Alison Millard says

    We also went to Eygpt last year just before the election. We visited previously 10 years ago. Eygpt is a fast-changing country, but never was a country more deserving of a settled democratic political & economic systems. There are so many people that work so hard and yet remain cheerful and helpful.

  4. admin says

    We agree Alison and really hope things start looking up in Egypt soon.

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