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Who is overlanding through Iran this year?

Iran is a country often in the news and usually for the wrong reasons! Although last week the UK announced it was re-opening its Embassy in Tehran and positive noises are emanating from both sides.

The ladies in Iran

Leaving the murky world of international politics aside, in our experience the people of Iran have been extremely friendly and welcoming. Our trip to Iran in June this year crossed the Kavir desert and visited places such as Isfahan, Persopolis, Tehran, Masshad as well as many less well known smaller places. The journey through this unique and interesting country took 19 days, with each day presenting a new adventure or experience.

Our 16 adventurous travellers and Oasis Overland Crew Malcolm and Grace feasted on fantastic local dishes, had their eyes opened by the exotic sights and experienced Persian hospitality at its best. The local guide on board the truck helped to explain some of the history of the places we travelled through. The inquisitive, but polite, local people were so pleased to see foreign travellers again after so many years. Now (and in the next couple of years) it is the time to be visiting Iran before mass tourism returns.

A taster of Iran!

Our next trip departs from Bishkek to Istanbul on 21st August and 5th September 2014 and (as well as Iran) travels through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

Bishkek to Istanbul 63 days

Bishkek to Istanbul 78 days

Alternatively if you are looking for a shorter adventure through Iran, Katie on our Central Asia desk will be able to suggest a smaller section of the above trips, to allow you to focus on visiting Iran.

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  1. Tom Bowden says

    Iran is incredible. I have never come across hospitality quite like it! It was such a surprise.

    People in shops would refuse to take our money and people we met on the streets would literally try and drag us in to their homes to meet their families and stuff us full of food!

    It really is the exact opposite to what the western perception of the country is and really reminded me how kind and generous people can be.

    As in most countries in the world the government is not representative of the people so please judge it for yourself – it would be number one on my list of places that will change your outlook on the world.

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