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Work Experience at Oasis Overland

Last week David left school for a week to join the Oasis HQ team and gain some work experience in the world of overlanding and adventure travel.  We set him a challenge to write a blog and here it is!

My name is David Bath and I have been doing work experience at Oasis Overland for a week.  When I first started I was quite nervous but when I met the people I was working with, Katie, Ceris, Tracy, Natalie, Jackie and Chris, I started to get more and more confident. The person who normally set the tasks and gave me work to do was Ceris.

The best things about working at Oasis Overland were the editing on and the adding of pictures on Pinterest and Facebook.  Gapyear sells some of the holidays of Oasis and the holidays need to be updated after a while because of the changes in costs, routes and other details, also they need to look more appealing to the customers.  I did research on the area and what was on the holiday and added info and pics to the holiday details.

On the first day I was shown around the work place and where I would be working most of the time and where everything was and things like that.  My first work task at Oasis was to see how user friendly the website was by finding information about a holiday and how easy it was to book and to review what was good and what was bad.  So the first day was getting to know what they do, what the holidays were like and what the website was like.

Baby gorilla in AfricaAs I looked through the different holidays the one that is my favorite is the Nairobi to Lilongwe for 40 days trip because you get the chance to see wild gorillas in their natural environment.  You need to get a permit to do so which does cost extra money but it must be such a great experience though.

Thanks to David for his hard work during the week!

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