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Oasis HQ tries out some gear from Blacks & Millets

We’ve been sent some cool stuff from Blacks and Millets which disappointingly isn’t actually for us here at Oasis HQ but is for three of our Nile Trans Cairo to Cape Town travellers to try out! They’ll be reviewing the gear during their intrepid journey across Africa but we thought we would take a sneaky peak first and give our own opinion! First out of the bag was the Thermarest Prolite sleeping mat… lots of ‘oh they’re brilliant… fantastic… I love mine!’ comments as we opened it up. It seems quite narrow compared to our own ones but if the rest of its qualities are the same as ours then we think they’re great – you don’t feel the ground through them, they’re easy to roll up, Natalie’s lasted 16 weeks across Africa and Katie’s survived a complete soaking in a rain-filled tent!

Natalie sporting the head torch on one of our overland trucks!

Natalie sporting the head torch on one of our overland trucks!

Next up, a Petzl Tikka 2 head torch… essential piece of overlanding equipment! Or so Katie and I thought but Natalie prefers to hang her Maglite round her neck or on a headband. ‘It’s very light’ (Ceris) ‘oh it’s heavy’ (Natalie). On comparing to another one we had to hand we agreed on slightly heavy! This head torch is quite basic with just two settings of brightness. We felt you didn’t really need more than that although a red light setting can be useful for being less attractive to bugs. It comes with batteries which is handy.

The very small video camera and accessories

The very small video camera and accessories

Last but not least, a VEHO MUVI™ Atom ‘No Proof No Glory’ Bundle. It’s a small video camera which is very, very, very tiny! We didn’t want to mess around with this one too much so we’ll have to wait and see what our Oasis traveller has to say about it but it looks like it will be a cool piece of kit! It has loads of little accessories for attaching it to all manner of things from a cycle helmet to your backpack. The instructions look pretty clear and simple so hopefully even a technophobe like me could work it out! The items have now been packed up again and will soon be winging their way to Cairo for the 16 week expedition to Cape Town.

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