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Nothing could be Finer than to be in China

Oasis Overland Tour Leader Grace has recently told us about her first impressions when arriving into China.
Grace and Malcolm are leading our London to Beijing Overland trip on one of our unique Overland Vehicles. “Our first impressions of China are it really is a country of contrasts. Take the border as an example, with five check points – two in Kyrgyzstan and three in China across an area of about 160km it was meticulously organised and controlled. The motto displayed at the immigration desk spoke about efficiency, security and orderliness and in many ways this is how China is. They have a good motorway system with efficient toll booths and are taking on the task of rebuilding roads such as the Karakorum highway which has peaks of up to 7000m and is the notoriously windy. Furthermore the 550 km long roads through the Taklaman desert, one of the largest bodies of moving sand in the world is lined with plants with well houses. People are employed and are stationed every 3 to 4km to look after the road and ensure the sand doesn’t drift onto the highway.

Parking up near the Great Wall

The security in China is beyond belief from not being allowed to take my handbag into the supermarket, to every shop having a police vest and helmet with a constant police presence in the cities and numerous checkpoints along the roads. China in general has set ways to do things which are hard to stray from. Our guide Mr Wang met us at our hotel with our itinerary printed out, maps to give to our travellers and a great Chinese restaurant in mind for dinner. He also demonstrated the organised nature of China.

Beautiful drives through China

However, scratch below the surface of China and you find a country with an erratic beating pulse… In all the countries myself and Malcolm have travelled to we have never been deafened by so many car horns as by the crazy drivers here, the supermarkets are bursting with strange food from cellophane wrapped chicken feet to lambs heart! Not to mention the night market that we visited on our second night in Kashgar. Whole roasted sheep were propped on the table with rosettes around their necks alongside some items which we couldn’t even identify but would hazard a guess were some form of offal. The people we have encountered have been friendly, wanting to pose for photos and are incredibly interested in our Oasis Overland truck. Our guide has embraced the roughing it style of the trip, helping us to find bush camps and helping to build fires.

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