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Jumping through hoops; travel in Central Asia

If you have ever travelled in Central Asia, or even looked into one day maybe heading out there, I’m sure you would have heard about the visas.

  • It’s often said that nothing in life worth having comes easy and nothing portrays is better than travelling the old Silk Road. nike cortez bambini The 5 ex-soviet states of Central Asia have each carved out their own unique identities since their independence in 1991. Sac Kanken From the welcoming mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the deserts of Turkmenistan, which is such a state-controlled approach that it has been nicknamed ‘the other North Korea’, with these personalities comes a unique set of hoops to jump through when it comes to obtaining visas, which all depend on where you come from and what you want to do. Last Saturday, we started our Silk Road journey beginning in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Although, most people can get their visas on arrival at the airport (with only minimal fuss), we were taking our truck Habibi across the Caspian Sea from Baku, therefore needing visas in advance. It all looked to be sorted until a simple mistake by the London Embassy (which they refused to acknowledge…but I’m not holding a grudge) lead to weeks of stress, multiple embassy visits in multiple countries, endless emails and phone calls, and culminated in getting a rather simple process of getting a visa extension at the 11th hour in Ashgabat the day before the trip started. sac fjallraven kanken But we are here, and so far travelling in Turkmenistan has been like nothing I have experienced. Although I have been to neither Pyongyang nor Las Vegas, I’ve heard it mentioned that Ashgabat is some sort of strange hybrid of the 2, and I can see why. nike roshe uomo amazon We spent the first part of our trip exploring the city and it seems almost every block has a monument to this country or one of its 2 presidents. Jay Bromley Most recent of which is one in the shape of rocket ship, to commemorate the launch of Turkmenistan’s first satellite into space (sent by the USA), which has a thermometer on the side of it to constantly remind you that it’s not going to get below 40degrees any time soon.

  • It was hot, but nothing prepared for the heat of the Karakum desert, or the furnace that is the Darwerze Gas Craters, where we spent our first night camping. Detroit Pistons When viewed from a distance, there is no doubt about why it is called the ‘Door to Hell’. Nike Air Max 1 męskie Człrne Over the next few days the onslaught of heat and rough roads continued as we made our way into northern Turkmenistan, and then Uzbekistan, we have arrived in the Silk Road city of Khiva. 2015 new balance 530 After the much needed shower and beer, an explore around this historic walled city, with its many minarets, mausoleums, medressas and mosques, makes all those visa headaches all so worth it.

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