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VENEZUELA – South America’s best!!

Our tour leader, Danny, recently returned from our Trans South America 29 week trip. Here’s what he has to say about Venezuela… Truck Gran Sabana 15 Earlier this year, DiDingo the truck, Kyle the driver, our awesome group and I had a truly amazing experience in my new favourite country in South America! Sun Set Lightning lake Rare Cox of the rock bird Bush Camp Waterfall Gran Savana         I feel that Venezuela gave a different experience compared to the rest of our trip. Off the usual tourist trail we rarely ever saw another “gringo” (in fact, I think we met one at the beach) which I think added to the beautiful country! Crossing the border, we spent a couple of days in Santa Elena where we got ourselves sorted with the currency and had our first experience of cook group shopping which was a welcome change to the supermarkets of Brazil. We headed off into the Gran Sabana where we spent a few days exploring the hidden waterfalls and taking dirt tracks to rusty bridges to remote villages with stunning views. waterfall 2 Gran Sabana waterfall bushcamp Gran Sabana

Lunch stop on a road.  <a href=

This was bridge 3 of 4.            This was an amazing time only really do-able overland style as all tourist buses just drive through here – CRAZY and to make this even more of an adventure, we obviously we had a bit of digging and pushing of DiDingo to get us through the soft sand! bogged in the sand Sand matts Gran Sabana         At this point the guys had started to notice the lack of beers and ice to buy, but we found our new Rum so life was all good again :-p. From here, we headed to Cuidad Bolivar and the group took off on their adventure to Angel Falls; stunning even in low water resulting in pushing the boats up stream on their hike to their jungle camp. Angel Falls flight Angel Falls trip Angel Falls view         From here we thought we’d check out what the coast had to offer us. We spent a few nights on a quiet beach east of Caracas camping in a local celebrity’s garden – a bit random! Then we headed to Henry Pittier National Park and Choroni. Getting there took team work and ever centimetre of Kyle’s precision driving as we navigated the narrow tiled roofs of various little villages, the guys in the back of the truck shutting if we got too close or about to hit but we managed it finally and for this. Coroni Beach HP NP The tropical beaches of the Caribbean were lined with coconut trees and warm waters. Here we made loads of new friends with Venezuelan holiday makers, who showed us the parties later that night. The night life was unique and indescribable – you are just going to have to experience it for yourself!! Other than beaches and parties with locals, we caught small boats to another beach where we went on a small hike with our friend from the campsite through the famous cocoa plantations of the area. This is where a few of us came down with a new condition we named Estomacha calliente (sweaty belly) and the cure is to roll up your t-shirt we saw a lot of this around South America -nice hey? Group on the Beach Choroni Estomacha Caliente Narrow streets of Choroni Henry Pittier NP         Our next stop was Los Llanos where we were accompanied by Anaconda Alan, our guide for the next few places! His excitement and genuine love of the area made our trip into the wetlands wicked with giant anteaters, caiman, anacondas and the thousands of types of birds in the area. Mother and baby Giant Anteater Los Llanos

We tried out hand at piranha fishing but not as good as this guy

We tried out hand at piranha fishing but not as good as this guy

Anaconda Los Llanos

We also found ourselves a prehistoric stoned turtle check out his smile..

We also found ourselves a prehistoric stoned turtle check out his smile..

Despite the flies at night, we all had a great time and were looking forward to civilisation in Merida; a student town along with the adrenaline Capitol of Venezuela with horse riding, cannoning and paragliding at silly prices everything $30 each.        Near to the end of our time in Venezuela, we went off to the lightning lakes which was awesome again.

With Alan again and his library of jokes, we navigated across the lake to our hammocks and waited for the lightening, a strange phenomenon which means there is a nightly display of lightning across the lake. We also visited some communities on the river. group on boat lightning lake kid on Lightning lake Guys Chilling at home Group girls lightning lake Poser lighning lake   Spiderman on boat         Catatumbo Lightnig Lake               We watched Alan catching butterflies with his net and almost falling in haha.

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