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The Ranter Revealed!

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Hello Everyone!

Oasis Overland’s Director,  Chris, has asked me to show you all that,  despite the anti-wifi-on-trucks attitude, I’m not an old fuddy duddy who’s grumpy at the world and the “youth of today”! I am,  in fact,  a (relatively) young and excitable Tour Leader, who’s been working for Oasis since I was 22, and celebrated my 10 Year Anniversary with them this year 🙂 As I said in the blog,  I’ve watched lots of things change within the over landing industry over the years, and am of the opinion – for the most part – that rather than fight it, you may as well accept it’s happening, so adapt and enjoy!Kate Blog Pic However,

I draw the line at wifi on the trucks (as you may have read! 😉 ).  I love over landing and the drive days, however ‘samey’ the scenery is –not boring! – remain one of my favourite things of all.  Thank you to everyone who’s ‘liked’ and commented,

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