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Dispelling the Myths around Overland Tours

If you’ve never been on an overland tour before, then you’ll probably have your own pre-conceptions about what it involves. Adventure holidays are really popular at the moment, as people look to challenge themselves and take an unforgettable trip away, vastly different from a traditional beach holiday. Bush camping in AfricaBefore going on an overland tour, people have lots of questions and rightly so. Adventure holidays aren’t for everyone but we’re confident that if you do choose to travel with us and in one of our overland vehicles, you’ll have a truly breath-taking trip, see amazing sights and have memorable experiences. Here at Oasis Overland, we’re passionate and committed to bringing you the best adventure yet! Our whole overland tour group in one tent!StandardsPlaying cards in the back of the truck The countries that we take you to are extremely varied and so some of them don’t have the type of infrastructure that we’re used to. This can mean that roads are sometimes difficult to navigate, the hot water may not work in a campsite or a border may close without notice. Rest assured that our teams are professional and experienced, have lots of local expertise and know the areas that we take you to. While we can’t always account for little hiccups along the way, we can quickly put most of these right, whilst the more difficult obstacles to our journey, we have the experience and resources at hand to do our best to overcome. Your safety and enjoyment of the trip is of the upmost importance, and our trips remain flexible, so that we can ensure this. Using sandmats on our Trans Africa overland expeditionItineraries The nature of the trips you’ll be going on is adventurous and that means that itineraries that are put in place can be subject to change. The weather can impact on plans, as well as all types of local and political issues in the countries that you visit. Should we need to change our itinerary whilst on the road, we always aim to propose alternative locations and activities that won’t compromise on the enjoyment of your trip. Our overland truck and group bush camping in AfricaVehicles Our overland vehicles are purpose built to cope with the types of conditions and climates of the countries that we take you to all over the world.

We own and operate all of our own vehicles on our Overland Adventures and Ultimate Overland Expeditions which means that we ensure that they’re up to standard and prepared to take you on the trip of a lifetime. There’s personal space for your luggage and belongings and the sociable lay-out means that you’ll have every chance to chat and get to know your fellow travellers. Affordable We make our trips as affordable as possible. It all depends on the length of the trip you want to go on and where, but we’re confident there’ll be a trip in your price-range. You can add on optional activities and volunteering opportunities along the way, but it’s completely up to you. Take a leap into the unknown and travel with us in one of our overland vehicles.

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