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6 Tips for Planning Your Next Overland Adventure

Oasis Overland truck trip through AfricaIf you’re looking for the ultimate adventure holiday then here at Oasis Overland, our overland tours have the potential to give you unforgettable experiences and take you right out of your comfort zone…and then some! After going on an overland adventure, lots of people keep on coming back for more, but if you’ve never been on this type of tour before then we’ve put together some tips for you to think about before your first trip. We’re confident that you’ll have a unique and inspiring adventure, where you’ll make friends for life and see the world in a new light.  Pack Lightly Before you travel, really think about the types of items you’ll need to take with you because you won’t have room for everything you’d usually take on a typical holiday.  You’ll be moving about, which means that you want your luggage to be accessible and easy to take with you, so pack your essentials. The old adage is, estimate how much you’ll need and then take just half of it! Meeting local children on the Lares trek in PeruBe Prepared Torch, pens, notebook, lightweight towel, insect repellent, personal medication; just some of the items you should think about taking on your adventure holiday. Try to choose items to take with you that will add value to your experience or come in useful.  Take a look at the Before You Go section on each of our trips for our ‘What to Take’ suggestions.  Language It’s a good idea to look at the countries you’ll be travelling in and learn a couple of key phrases.  This is a nice way of interacting with locals and getting to know an area better.

Entertainment It’s no wonder that when you’re travelling overland, there will be long stretches of travelling and being on the road. Taking a good book with you to pass the time or a game or two to play with your fellow travellers can help you all to bond, have fun and break the ice.  Overland truck bogged in TurkmenistandTeamwork Be prepared to pitch in and help out when you travel overland. Making sure that before you travel, you’re in the right mind-set and ready to be considerate to your fellow travellers and help each other out. When hiccups occur, everyone needs to be able to support each other, instead of concentrating on only themselves.  Have Fun You’re going to see amazing things and have the trip of a lifetime, so get involved and get out of your comfort zone! You’ll enjoy the experience all the more if you put your all into it and throw yourself into the adventure.  Have fun, let your hair down and meet new people.

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