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Tour Leader Kim’s Trans South America Highlights

Our very experienced and popular Tour Leader , Kim shares some memorable experiences on our Trans South America expedition

12 Days of Christmas Day 12: 20% off South America overland tours

Day 12: 20% off Andes and Amazon Santiago to Quito/Quito to Santiago 53 days Save £357 when you book a 53-day Santiago to Quito or Quito to Santiago overland adventure, departing Santiago on 25 February 2017 or departing Quito on 17 September or 27 October 2017. Trip Highlights The Amazon jungle, Nike Free 4.0 Women […]

VENEZUELA – South America’s best!!

Our tour leader, Danny, recently returned from our Trans South America 29 week trip. Here’s what he has to say about Venezuela…

A trip across the back of South America – Andes to the Atlantic

Oasis Overland’s Operations Director, Mark, has just got back from South America where he has been working on our trucks, and this is a short account of his time out there.

Spanish and… Salsa? My Experience at Spanish School in Quito, by Rachel, Oasis Tour Leader in South America

Just a year after ending a less-than-successful stint at university, I unexpectedly found myself back in the classroom…

‘Up North’ in South America – Rio to Quito via Manaus

Our Trans South America crew of 2013/2014, Scott & Leslie, have kindly written a brief blog of some of the highlights on our Rio to Quito

Oasis trips unaffected by demonstrations in Peru

Our South America trips have made some detours around Puno but are otherwise unaffected

Vehicle Safety Checks in South America

Our Logistics Manager Mark Middleton has just returned from his travels in South America. He has completed thorough safety and mechanical checks to our Overland Trucks to ensure they are to a standard we would expect in the UK.

South America Tours: Quito to La Paz

There is so much to see in South America and the Quito to La Paz overland tour is a perfect bite-sized sample of what there is on offer.

South America Tours | Overland Travel in South America| Oasis Overland

South America is one of the world’s most intriguing destinations. It is perfect for overland travel as you will get to see so much more than you would if you stayed on the beaten track

Contemplating South America Overland Travel

Overlanding is one of the best ways to see the South American continent

South America Backpacking

Take the journey of a lifetime with Oasis Overland – find out more about the South America backpacking opportunities on offer.

Overland Truck Trips

Many people dream of taking a cross-continent road trip and exploring at will while enjoying the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, in reality, this is often just not possible

A South America Adventure

South America is a place of myths, legends and spectacular natural beauty. Home to the ancient Inca people, rich cultures and diverse landscapes, any trip to South America is an adventure.

South American Adventure Travel

South American adventure travel is swiftly gaining in popularity as more and more people discover the beauty and diversity of this continent. From roughing it in the Andes to enjoying the colours and intrigue of one of the annual festivals,

South American Tours

There are a plethora of companies out there that offer South American tours and it can be difficult to choose the right one. One of the easiest ways to decide is to browse through each of the South American tours offered by any company and find the right one that covers all of your interests.

South American Travel

South American continental travel offers some of the most exciting options for adventure enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This area is rich in natural beauty as well as filled with fascinating cultures and vibrant people, offering a holiday experience that no one will ever forget.

Adventure in South America

South America is the place of fantasies – exotic rain forests, colourful festivals, rich historical sites and beautiful scenery. Making a trip to this continent worthwhile is difficult as everything is spaced fairly far apart and many of the most spectacular areas are unreachable by normal means.

Libya trips

The breathtaking country of Libya is as vast in land as it is diverse in people. With cultural foundations established by the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Ottoman Turks and the Italians, Libya trips present ancient history in a contemporary Arabic setting.

South American Travel

See the best of South America on an overland adventure with Oasis

Experience the Ultimate Tour of South America

Oasis Overland’s range of adventure trips across the South American continent.

A little bit about Natalie

Meet Natalie, one of our fantastic team who work behind the scenes to make our travellers trips amazing!

Boating through the Galapagos Islands

John & Peggy are on our 15 week Oasis Overland Kingdoms & Carnivals trip from Quito to Rio. Like other travellers they added on one of our Galapagos Islands 5 day Cruises before they joined the Oasis truck.

Conserving turtles, medicinal plants and tribal lands in the Amazon

An update from Arajuno Jungle Lodge and the Arajuno Foundation where we stay on our trips to the Amazon in Ecuador.

Welcome to Oasis Natalie!

We would like to welcome Natalie into our team here in Somerset as our new South America & Egypt operations Guru & we wish her all the best in her new role with Oasis.