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5 Incredible Things Oasis Overland Can Show You Whilst Overlanding in Africa

July 27, 2017

We at Oasis Overland consider Africa to be one of the most extraordinary places for a traveller to visit and here are just 5 things that we can show you on our overland tours... (Read more)

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Overland across Iran

July 4, 2017

Oasis Director Chris recently took one of our Central Asia overland trips across Iran. Back at the Oasis office, we asked him what it was like... (Read more)

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The Republic of Congo

Richard Baxter

July 18, 2017

Beginning my fourth month in Africa with country number six.  The Republic of Congo. I’m no expert in Gorilla language but I’m pretty sure he was saying,                   ” Welcome to the Congo, Rich.” I’ve just driven across the border of the Congo into the...

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