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Most of our trips involve two payments. One is the Trip Price which is payable to Oasis Overland or your Travel Agent before departure. The other payment is what we term a ‘Local Payment’ or LP, which is payable to the Tour Leader upon joining the trip. Once the Trip Price has been paid and Local Payment collected they are guaranteed and Oasis Overland will not ask you for more money. Both these payments go towards the total trip price and are not refundable once your trip has started.  The Local Payment does not apply to our Regional Explorer trips in Pakistan and Morocco, Europe, Egypt and Jordan.

What does Local Payment pay for?

This is a pre-determined amount which covers the cost of your trip’s day to day expenses & goes towards a variety of services which your Tour Leader pays for in cash, direct to local people on the ground such as food, local guides, accommodation, gas, firewood, some entrance fees to certain sites and some game parks etc. This helps reduce the overall price of the trip which in turn passes cost savings onto you. The advantage of Local Payments over ‘kitty’ based systems is that once this has been collected it is a guaranteed amount - you will not be asked for additional payments. However, once your trip has started, the Local Payment, as with the pre-paid trip price, is not refundable. 

Kayaking, one of the many activities you can do on our Istanbul to Cairo tripOptional Activities

We feel that having optional excursions gives a greater degree of flexibility and independence to our group members; independence to decide how much your spending budget can afford; flexibility to decide when & what time of day or with whom to visit a particular sight, rather than for example, with the whole group at a pre-ordained time. If you decide not to join a popular excursion, you will have free time to relax or wander off to a market, village or beach, depending on where we are.

You pay for the optional excursions to the local operator, ensuring the money stays with that operator in the local community and this ensures as well, that you are paying the true price for any optional excursions you want to do. This also applies to accommodation costs before and after the trip. Please note that the prices of optional excursions quoted in this brochure are approximate as local prices can and do change. Please see the relevant trip page for the activities you can do on that trip and a list of prices.

Trip Add Ons & Volunteer Projects

Trip Add Ons & volunteer projects need to be booked and paid for in advance prior to your trip for example:

Gorilla trekking, Kili Climb or Spanish School.

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Included on Overland Adventure / Ultimate Expedition Trips

Included on Regional Explorer Trips

What the Trip Price & Local Payment Excludes