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Explore some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth with Oasis Overland. Trips available from 1 week through to 40 weeks, it’s time you escaped the ‘real world’ and experienced adventure.
Overlanding is as much about the travel experiences as the places you visit. Our exciting overland trips and expeditions offer a unique way to travel and will get you to places far from the tourist crowds as well as to the famous sites on your bucket list. If you are looking at doing something different to the average holiday then you have come to the right place. "Let the Adventure begin"



With fun, adventurous overland trips you can travel the world, make life-long friends and see stunning areas of Africa, South America, Central and South East Asia as well as explore individual countries like Peru, Bolivia, Morocco, China and Pakistan. This is your chance to see the world and take the first step toward what will be a life changing experience.
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