About Our Overland Trips


Are you looking at doing something a little bit different from the average holiday? Want to get out there, be involved in your trip and want to experience a country and its culture rather than just visit it? Then you’re looking in the right place!


The regions we travel through, whether in Africa, South America, Central or South East Asia are an adventure in themselves. Many countries that we visit do not have the western infrastructure that you are used to, so as organised and experienced as we are some parts of the adventure may not always go to plan. By travelling with us it will give you the added security and peace of mind that travelling as part of a group brings and helps to remove the stress and hassles that can occur when trying to organise a trip of this nature, allowing you more time and freedom to enjoy your adventure. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew or local tour leaders will be there to help you get the most out of your trip and to help make it one to remember. Many of our travellers agree that the great thing about any of our trips is not only making great friends and sharing new experiences along the way, but also being able to get out there and immerse yourself in the different cultures and regions which you travel through. So get out there, wander in the streets and markets, meet the local people and get acquainted with the world - it’s all part of the Oasis Overland experience!


We personally manage & run Oasis from our HQ in rural Somerset & are one of the few UK based overland companies to maintain our own UK workshop. We build and operate our very own overland expedition trucks and employ and train our crew on these vehicles. We are the actual company running your overland trip. On our Regional Explorer trips we use experienced local operators and guides whom we have worked closely with for many years.


Our friendly team and crew are committed to providing you with a high level of service. They have considerable knowledge and experience of travelling and have a passion and an enthusiasm for their work and for the countries and places we visit.


We hope you enjoy browsing our website and we hope to see you on board one day soon!


Chris & the Oasis Team


Who joins an Oasis trip?

Our groups are made up of adventurous people mainly in their 20’s and 30’s from all walks of life and nationalities who are seeking to experience different cultures with like minded travellers. While some travellers come on our trips with a friend or a partner, about half travel on their own.


If you are travelling solo we will pair you up with a traveller of the same sex to share accommodation with so we won’t charge you a single supplement fee.


About our Trip Styles

We offer four overland group trip styles, Regional Explorer trips, Overland Adventures, Ultimate Overland Expeditions and Family Adventures, all with varying types of accommodation, transport and duration.  Find out more about our Trip Styles


Trip Cost and Local Payment

Most of our trips involve two payments. One is the Trip Price which is payable to Oasis or your Travel Agent before departure. The other payment is what we term a ‘Local Payment’ or LP, which is payable to the Tour Leader upon joining the trip. This Local Payment does not apply to our Regional Explorer trips in Morocco or Pakistan.


What does Local Payment cover?

This is a pre-determined amount which covers the cost of your trip’s day to day expenses & goes towards a variety of services which your Tour Leader pays for in cash, direct to local people on the ground such as food, local guides, accommodation, gas, firewood, some entrance fees to certain sites and some game parks etc. This helps reduce the overall price of the trip which in turn passes cost savings onto you. The advantage of Local Payments over ‘kitty’ based systems is that once this has been collected it is a guaranteed amount - you will not be asked for additional payments.


Optional excursions and activities

Optional excursions and activities are organised during your trip - you can decide whilst travelling which activity you may want to do. We feel that having optional excursions gives a greater degree of flexibility and independence to decide how much your spending budget can afford. They are paid for on the day direct to the local operator, ensuring your money stays with that operator in the local community and also ensures that you are paying the true price for any excursions you do. If you decide not to join an excursion, you will have free time to relax or wander off to a market, village or beach, depending on where we are. 

To see what Optional excursions and activities are available on a trip, click on the 'Optional Excursions' tab on the trip page.


Mini-Adventures, Trip Add-ons and Volunteer Projects

In certain areas you have the option to experience a Volunteer Project or an ‘Add-on’ before or after your trip - some you can do even without booking one of our trips. These are activities such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or a Galapagos Islands excursion or volunteering projects such as assisting in a children’s school or helping out on various wildlife projects.

We can organise these on your behalf via local operators, and we ensure that the areas and the work that they provide has a positive effect on the communities visited.  Find out more about our Mini-Adventures, Add-ons and Volunteer Projects