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Ica Sand dunes! Where one of us somehow got a chest like Ironman.
Salt flats! Getting cooked in a frying pan while snowing.
The original group of our trip before we picked up the others in Lima.
Visiting the Merci Tribe in the Omo Valley is a real treat and I loved this gorgeous young lady. With all their lip plates and scaring we wondered if she is considered naturally stunning because of her birth defect. I hope so...
The local lion family in Serengetti NP watching the early morning balloon flights
A young boy peeking out from behind mum in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. He was so shy and Colin our guide thought this may have been the first time he saw white people.
Fields on the way up through southern Ethiopia.
Jozi the Oasis truck who was always a yellow becon in the distance - home away from home!!!!!!.
hotair ballooning - the valley of the Kings
push, push, pull. pull
Matt and Jen after the dusty roads of Northern Kenya
Driving through the desert road in Northern Kenya
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Watermelon anyone
Oasis Overland trans Expedition from Uk to Cairo
Having fun in the desert

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