About Oasis

White ArrowWhy is Oasis Overland such good value compared to other operators?

We don't spend money on expensive high street offices or have a large administrative or marketing team.  All this contributes to considerable cost savings which are passed on to you, but in no way do they detract from the quality of your travelling experience with Oasis. Perhaps the question should be: 'Why are other companies so expensive'.........

White ArrowAm I financially protected if Oasis went in to receivership?

YES!! - We are fully ATOL and AITO bonded for your financial protection. This means that if you book direct with Oasis  any money you pay to us is fully protected, and will be refunded in the unlikely event of our insolvency. For more information click here.

White ArrowHow experienced are the Oasis team?

Our crew have gained considerable knowledge and experience of travelling even before they join us. Nearly all our crew joined Oasis after having travelled with us and our UK HQ team have all either worked on the road as crew or have travelled on trips with us. They all have a passion and an enthusiasm for their work and for the countries and places we visit. 

White ArrowWhat are the advantages of doing an Oasis Overland trip rather than organising it myself?

The great advantage about our trips is that you don't have the worries and hassles that can occur when trying to organise a trip alone. Our trips will allow you to spend your precious time getting out there and immersing yourself in the different cultures and regions which we pass through and give you more time to make friends and share experiences along the way. Plus there's the added bonus of security and peace of mind that travelling as part of a group brings.

White ArrowThe trip I want to do is full on the website. Can I put my name on a cancellation list?

Yes, just contact us and we will put your name on a cancellation list as occasionally we do get last minute cancellations. We may even be able to suggest an alternative trip or date for you.

White ArrowDo you hire and organise a vehicle for a group of friends, family, work colleagues, or for a college or charity expedition?

Yes we do and we can help take some of the hassle out of the organising and logistics involved and can arrange just about any sort of itinerary and route in conjunction with prospective clients in the various areas we operate. See for details: https://www.oasisoverland.co.uk/charters-and-hire/

About Our Trips

White ArrowHow many crew are there on Oasis trips?

Except in exceptional circumstances, on our Overland Adventures & Ultimate Expedition trips, all vehicles have a crew of two (Driver and Tour Leader). Our Regional Explorer trips are run with one Tour Leader.

White ArrowHow many people do you take on your trips?

On most of our Overland Adventure and Ultimate Expedition trips our vehicles can carry a maximum of 24 travellers, the average however is around 16-20 on any  one trip. Our Regional Explorer trips have a maximum of 18 people per Tour Leader, although again the average is around 10-14 people.

White ArrowWhat are the groups like on your trips?

It's not age that matters but your attitude! Generally however our groups are made up of adventurous people mainly British, European, Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders predominantly in their 20's, 30's & 40's. We have gap year students to older professional people travel with us also, and as long as you have the right attitude and enjoy being part of a group then you'll fit in fine. Many people book their trips either with friends or partners, but about half join our trips as individual travellers. We do not charge SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FEES, so if you are travelling solo, we will pair you up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin or shared rooms in hostels or hotels, so there is no need to go it alone!

White ArrowWill I get any free time whilst on tour?

The simple answer is yes!  On the Overland Adventure Trips and Ultimate Expeditions your Tour Leader will help you with booking activities and general information, but you will be expected to get out there and take a look around cities and other sights yourself. If you just want to do your own thing for a few days, so long as the Tour Leader knows your plans, you can take time out from the group and trip. On the Regional Explorer Trips there will be plenty of opportunities of free time and your Tour Leader will be available to assist with any advice and information you may need.

White ArrowDo I need to be physically fit to go on a trip?

A positive attitude and an open mind are probably more important than being physically fit.  On our Overland Adventure Trips and Ultimate Expeditions we expect you to help with day to day chores such as cooking and cleaning the truck interior, but any person that leads a normal, active life should be able to cope.  On our Regional Explorer Trips you will not be required to cook or clean, but some of the sightseeing involves an average level of fitness (e.g. the Inca Trail trek). If for instance you decide to walk the Inca Trail, or hike to the Mountain Gorillas, then we suggest an average fitness level is required, and getting in some walking, or visiting a gym before your tour commences, may make these treks easier and more enjoyable. If you have any specific concerns about your ability to undertake a trip then please feel free to contact us for further advice.

White ArrowI am a single traveller – do I have to pay a single supplement?

No! We do not charge single supplement fees, so if you are travelling solo, and you requite your own single room on one of our Regional Explorer trips then this may be possible subject to availability and payment of an additional fee.
On our Overland and Ultimate Expedition trips we will pair you up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin & shared rooms in hostels, so there is no need to go it alone!

White ArrowWhere can I find the Pre-departure information for my trip?

A copy will be sent to you when you book, but it can also be located on each individual trip summary page by clicking 'download the pre-departure info' in the top right corner.

White ArrowWhat is the difference between Regional Explorers/Overland Adventures & Ultimate Expeditions?

For more information about our different trip styles please see the following page on our website: https://www.oasisoverland.co.uk/trips/

White ArrowWhat accommodation is provided and will I have to share with other members of the group?

Accommodation on all our trips - but also to keep costs down to a minimum for travellers.  On our Overland Adventure and Ultimate Expeditions, we use 'Dome' tents that are designed for 3 people, but we only use them for 2. They have an inbuilt ground sheet and mosquito netting on the doors and we tend to stay in either campsites or bush camp.  In towns and cities where we use hotels and hostels, you should assume that accommodation will be dormitory based (and possibly mixed sex) however on occasions it may be that you are placed in twin, double, or triple rooms as appropriate. On our Regional Explorer Trips we use small good quality locally owned pensions and budget hotels and accommodation is in either, Twin, Shared or Double Rooms (for couples). It is sometimes possible to pay extra for a single room (but this cannot be guaranteed).

White ArrowWhat are optional excursions?

These are optional activities that you can choose to do whilst on your trip. This keeps the cost of our trips down and gives a greater degree of flexibility and independence for you to decide how much your spending budget can afford; flexibility to decide when & what time of day or with whom to visit a particular sight, rather than for example, with the whole group at a pre-ordained time. If you decide not to join a particular excursion, you will have free time to relax or wander off to a market, village or beach, depending on where we are.  You pay for the optional excursions to the local operator, ensuring the money stays with that operator in the local community and this ensures as well that you are paying the true price for any optional excursions you want to do. Please see the relevant trip page for the activities you can do on that trip and a list of prices & what currency to pay in.

White ArrowWhat are trip Add Ons?

Trip Add Ons are excursions that need to be booked and paid for in advance prior to your trip for example: Gorilla trekking, Kili Climb or Spanish School.  Add Ons can be experienced either before or after your trip with the exception of Mountain Gorilla Trekking (for the relevant trips in Africa) which can be done during your trip. You can book the "Add On"when booking your trip by clicking the "add to my booking" button or no later than 8 weeks prior to our trip departure. Please note that Add Ons require full payment or a deposit at the time of booking and will be added to the overall cost of the trip.

White ArrowCan I do any volunteer projects before or after my trip?

Please see our Volunteer projects page at https://www.oasisoverland.co.uk/volunteer_projects/ or on the individual trip page & click on volunteer projects.

White ArrowCan I contact other travellers & make friends before I go?

Yes. At the time of booking we ask you if you would like to share your email address with other travellers on your trip. If you click yes and once we have confirmed your booking you will be able to click on the make friends tab on the left hand side of your account. We also have a large facebook following where you contact other travellers too?

White ArrowGorilla Trekking Permit Info

Due to the popularity of Trekking to the Mountain Gorillas and the limited availability of obtaining Trekking Permits, the Wildlife Authority responsible for organizing the Permits require the following details before confirmation is granted;

  1. Your full passport details
  2. Full payment

In order for us to confirm your Gorilla Permit, it is essential that you notify us of your interest in trekking at the same time as making your booking. We make reservations many months in advance  (sometimes as early as 6 months for some dates). If you decide to book at a laterstage - please call us to check availability.

We recommend that you request your gorilla permit at the time of booking your Oasis Overland trip. We require full payment for the permit at this stage before we can confirm and secure your permits. Please bear in mind that Mountain Gorillas are wild animals, and as such there is no guarantee of viewing them. That said however, we have never had this happen on previous trips.

White ArrowCan I see the Wildebeest Migration before or during my trip?

Please note the migration is a natural event and the timing can greatly vary year to year.

December, January, February, March - Serengeti National Park
The main calving season occurs in late January through mid March, when the herds congregate at the Southern Serengeti/Ngorongoro calving grounds. Approximately 500,000 calves are born within a 2 - 3 week period, one of the most structured and synchronised mass births in the animal world.

July, August, September, October- Masai Mara Nature Reserve
By July the countless herds have amassed along the swollen Mara River- a final barrier from the short sweet grasses of the Masai Mara. Permanent residence is set up in the lush green plains of the Masai Mara of Kenya. With the coming together over 2 million animals, this is classed as a time of plenty for many predators in search of sustenance for their own young families. Lion, Leopard and Hyena may all be spotted preying on the masses of plains grazers.

You can also choose to add on the Masai Mara with a 3 or 4 day safari. This is listed on the trip pages for trips departing Nairobi, under Add On's.

Trip Pricing Information

White ArrowWhat is included & not included?

Please see each individual trip summary page that you are interested in for more details, which outlines what is included and not included for each trip.

White ArrowWhat is Local Payment (LP) and what does it pay for?

Most of our trips involve two payments. One is the Trip Price which is payable to Oasis or your Travel Agent before departure. The other payment is what we term a 'Local Payment or LP,' which is payable to the Tour Leader upon joining the trip. (Please Note: that some of our Regional Explorer trips have no local payment.)

This is a pre-determined amount which covers the cost of your trips day to day expenses such as food, local guides, firewood, gas, some entrance fees to certain sites and game parks, accommodation etc. It goes towards a variety of services which your Tour Leader pays for in cash, direct to local people on the ground as international money transfers can be expensive and problematic. The LP helps reduce the overall price of the trip which in turn passes cost savings onto you. The advantage of Local Payments over 'kitty' based systems is that once the LP has been collected you will not be asked for additional payments. It is just as important to us as well as you, that there are NO hidden extras which are not included on our website. See each individual trip for details on how to bring your Local Payment in the 'Before you go' section.

White ArrowWhat is the price of the trip in another currency?

When you are on the trip summary page you can simply click on the currency convertor next to the trip price, and also through the following link Currency Convertor.

Booking a trip

White ArrowHow do I book an Oasis Overland trip?

Click on the following link for instructions on How to Book a Trip.

White ArrowHow long beforehand should I book?

It's hard to say precisely, but it's advisable to book most trips at least 4-5 months in advance to guarantee a seat. Some trips and dates fill up a lot faster than others especially if they coincide with particular events or dates (Rio Carnival, Christmas, New Year, Easter, ANZAC Day etc). Remember as well, the further ahead you book, usually the cheaper flights are too!

White ArrowHow can I check availability?

Once you have found the perfect trip - it is easy to check availability onlineIf our website states that there are less than 5 seats available, please contact us either by Email, Skype or phone Oasis or your Travel Agent.

White ArrowCan I hold a place on a trip whilst I check flight availability?

You can request to provisionally hold a place for a few days subject to availability which will enable you to check availability for flights etc.  Just contact us & we will organise that for you.

White ArrowWhat if I change my mind about my trip?

There is a 5 day cooling off period on all our trips, so you will be entitled within 5 days of the date of your booking confirmation to cancel your booking. If you cancel your trip during this "cooling off period" you will have no further liability to us and we will refund any deposit paid by you (minus any expenses already incurred which we are not able to recover such as flights, gorilla trek permits, inca trail permits, or late notice hotel bookings). It is strongly recommended that you use this cooling off period to thoroughly research your trip and satisfy yourself that you can comply fully with these terms and conditions

White ArrowWhere can I find your terms & conditions?

Our terms & conditions can be found at the bottom of any page on our website, alternatively click here

White ArrowWhen will my trip booking be confirmed?

We will send out your trip confirmation to you by email (unless you have selected the postal option) within a few days of receiving your booking and payment. We send you comprehensive pre-departure information regarding your trip, including joining instructions, pre and post trip accommodation, visas, vaccinations, spending money and travel insurance etc. The pre-departure information can also be downloaded on the summary page of the trip you have booked.  Please do not book any flights until you have received confirmation of your booking.

White ArrowWhen is the remaining balance of my trip due & how can I pay it?

For trips that are longer than 20 weeks in length, a further non-refundable interim payment of £600 is required 4 months before the trip departure date.

The remaining balance of all trips will be due 10 weeks prior to your trip departure date and we will send you an email reminder one week before this is payable.  Your payment can be made by logging onto your account and making the payment online, or alternatively you can call us and pay over the phone. If you wish to make any payments before the balance is due, or if you wish to pay in instalments - this can be done at anytime by any of the above methods.

White ArrowBy what methods can I pay for my trip?

You can pay for your trip by one of the following payment methods when booking your trip.

 Pay by Secure Online Payment

 Fast and easy secure online payment

Pay by Telephone: 

 Please call us on: 01963 363400 

 Pay by Bank Transfer:   

Please contact your bank to arrange a transfer and include your name, trip and departure date as a reference.   Please ensure that all bank fees associated with the above Bank Transfer are paid in full at the time of transfer - as we do not account for these fees in the trip price.

Our Bank Account Details: Oasis Overland Ltd, HSBC Bank, The Forum, Malborough Rd, Old Town, Swindon SN3 1QT, UK.

UK Bank Transfer Payments: 

  Sort Code: 404335. Account No: 71365894

 International Bank Transfer Payments: 

 IBAN No: GB75HBUK40433571365894

Swift Code (also called BIC): HBUKGB4114P

White ArrowWhat is my account for & what can I do in there?

When you book your trip online we will create a unique account for you, so that at a later date you can add details, that you may not have had available at the time of booking i.e. passport details etc. The benefits of having your own account is that you can view your trip details, view payments made as well as pay off your trip balance. There is also the facility to make friends with other travellers on your trip by email, book accommodation & airport transfers. You can also add on 'Volunteer Packages', 'Add On's' or our tailor made Overland Adventure insurance to your trip at a later date.

White ArrowWhat if I need to cancel my trip?

Under the unfortunate circumstances that you would need to cancel your trip, check out our cancellation policy which explains our terms & conditions.

White ArrowCan I transfer my trip?

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to transfer your trip to another date or a different trip. Check out our terms & conditions for more information. 

Arrival info & accommodation

White ArrowWhere can I change money on arrival?

You can change money at most airports upon arrival or from Foreign Exchange Bureau's at or near your hotels or campsites. Your Tour Leader will inform you where you can change more money throughout the trip.

White ArrowWhere does my trip start?

The trip start time & departure place can be found on the individual trip summary page that you are interested in. If you go to the summary page, then click the 'Before you go' tab, and then press the hotel tab and it will give you the relevant information.  Alternatively refer to your pre-departure information you received when you booked your trip.

White ArrowCan I book a hotel in the departure city & how?

Yes we can book your pre-trip accommodation in most departure cities. The pre-departure information for that particular trip will give you the information that you require for campsite/hotel details. You can request accommodation through your Oasis account or you can contact the office with your arrival details. This should be done at least 6 weeks before the trip departure date & is subject to availability.
Some cities we do not arrange airport transfers, (including Santiago and Rio) but there are good taxi services from the airport.

White ArrowPre-departure meeting - What if I can’t make it, when is it?

If you cannot attend your pre-departure meeting, please inform the office with your arrival details. We will get in touch with your Tour Leader to inform them when you are arriving & we will inform you where you can meet up with the group or truck.

White ArrowCan I book Post-trip accommodation?

On Day 1 of your trip, your Tour Leader will book any post-trip accommodation that you require at the ending hotel or campsite.

White ArrowHow long before my trip starts should I arrive?

We suggest allowing yourself a minimum of 1 to 2 days before your Oasis trip begins, as most trip itineraries do not include time to see the start city. There is usually a pre-departure meeting the evening before Day 1 of the trip (but some are on Day 1), details are in the pre-departure information. If you cannot make this meeting please let us know.

Flight Info & Airport Transfers

White ArrowCan I book an airport transfer & how do I pay?

Yes we can book airport transfers in most departure cities. The pre-departure information for any particular trip will give you the information that you require for campsite/hotel details and approximate costs. You can request the transfer through your Oasis account or you can contact the office with your arrival details. This should be done at least 6 weeks before your trip departure date.

White ArrowDo we sell flights?

No we do not. Flight prices can be greatly affected by factors such as where you are in the world, what time of year you are flying, your route, and your age. It is easy to find prices for flights online, through various search engines such as (www.skyscanner.net or www.ebookers.co.uk are but two) and direct with airline websites.


Vaccinations & Medical Advice

White ArrowDo I need vaccinations for my trip?

Please consult a reputable travel clinic or GP for advice on any medical issues. We suggest allowing 8 weeks to get all your vaccinations. For more information and advice visit www.nomadtravel.co.uk, or www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk. Oasis travellers receive a 10% discount from Nomad Travel on all vaccinations and medication.
As we are not medically trained - we are unable to give detailed or professional advice on vaccination requirements, so please use this information only as a guide.  See each individual trip page that you are interested in & select the 'Before you go' tab followed by 'vaccinations' for more details. 

White ArrowDo I need a medical kit?

We recommend everyone brings their own personal kit. Each of our trucks on the Overland Adventures & Ultimate Expeditions does carry a professionally compiled comprehensive medical kit. Our pre-departure information for each trip lists in detail what to bring with you under Before you Go.

White ArrowDo I need to take anti-malarials?

It is important that you seek the advice of a properly qualified medical practitioner, whether that be your personal doctor or a travel clinic. Should there be a conflict of opinion or advice, then we would always recommend that you go with the qualified opinion over our advice, and suggest that you seek further qualified opinions if any doubt remains. We are not qualified to offer definitive medical advice, but there is general country advice in the 'Vaccinations and Health' section of the pre-departure dossier, or in the 'Before you go' section for any trip page.

There is a useful online resource regarding Malaria: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2010/chapter-2/malaria-risk-information-and-prophylaxis.aspx

You must be aware that where a risk exists, whatever malaria prophylactics you are taking will only offer partial protection. They must be coupled with your own physical efforts against being bitten - which is the best prevention. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes come out at sunset so from this time you should wear long sleeves and trousers. Exposed skin, especially ankles, should have insect repellent containing 'Deet' applied to them. Your crew will advise on where the affected areas are on the trip. There are a number of prophylactic malaria treatments on the market & requirements change. 

White ArrowWhere is the best place to get medical advice before travelling?

It is best to contact your local GP or travel clinic near you for advice on your destinations. You can also visit the Nomad Travel Clinic where Oasis travellers receive a 10% discount on all medication, vaccinations and anti-malarials.

Visas & Passports

White ArrowHow many pages do I need in my passport for my trip & how long do I need it valid for ?

You will need at least 1 blank page per country in your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months from your  trip departure date. If you have dual nationality you can only use one passport for the entire trip.


White ArrowDo I need visa’s for my trip & what will they cost?

Generally speaking the majority of nationalities (British, most EU countries, New Zealand, Australian, US & Canadians) require visas for several of the countries that we pass through on our trips. However, most of these are obtainable on route so there is often no need for you to obtain them before you leave. For more detailed information see each individual trip page that you are interested in & select the 'Before you go' tab followed by 'Visa's and Passport'. On booking a trip you will also receive this information in your pre-departure info. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have all the relevant Visas or translations if required before you depart.

Money, Budgets & Currency

White ArrowWhere can I keep personal belongings and my money safe?

On our Regional Explorer trips most hotels have safety deposit boxes or safes. On our Overland and Ultimate Expeditions all our vehicles have a safe on board where you can leave your money, passport and small valuables. Please note: Any personal effects that are left on the truck or hotels, even if they are stored in the safe, are left at your own risk and Oasis Overland cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft that may occur.

White ArrowWhat should I budget for on my trip?

Personal spending habits & budgets differ greatly from person to person. We provide detailed information in the 'Before You Go' section of each trip, under 'Money & Budget'. We suggest an amount to budget daily or weekly for, for personal general spending & visa's, along with details on optional excursions that are available on your trip.
It is better to over budget than under budget. Please note that we aim to provide you with as much information as possible however, costs for activities, sites and visa's can change quickly before we are able to pass on the information. The prices we quote for optional activities are close to if not approximate and your budget for personal spending will depend on how much you plan on shopping, eating out, upgrading to rooms and socializing!

White ArrowWhat currencies or cards etc are best to bring?

Past Oasis travellers have fed back that they have felt, as a general rule it is best to bring your money in cash as a combination of US$ & £GB. Euros are also becoming more widely accepted. Pre-paid travel currency cards are also an option if you are concerned about bringing all your money in cash - BUT DEFINETLY BRING AT LEAST 50% of your money in cash. Some travellers worry about carrying so much cash with them, however all Oasis Overland trucks are equipped with an onboard safe for the security of your money and passport. Traveller's Cheques (T/C's), although best for security are difficult to change and generally you are charged a  high commission fee (2-8%) for changing them.

Credit & Debit Cards -
a combination of several types are suggested as not all types are accepted in all places. Visa & Maestro are best, MasterCard has limited access through parts of Africa. Over the counter cash advances can be expensive, time consuming and should not be relied upon - you will be given local currency and NOT US$ or £GB. We recommend that you inform your bank that you will be using your card abroad to avoid it being blocked.  We discourage you from relying on your ATM card as a primary source of funds in case it is lost/stolen/swallowed, or the machine isn't working.  In some destinations we probably won't even see a bank or ATM for days on end so having hard currency to exchange is essential. Commission rates vary between 2-8%.

Pre-Paid Travel Currency Cards
- these cards are similar to normal Credit and Debit cards but they can be pre loaded with cash before you travel with a set amount allowing you to withdraw this cash using the card at normal ATM's and some are chip & pin protected. It is a more secure way to access cash on your trip and easier to use than travellers cheques, but again do not rely on these as your sole means of funds on a trip - (please refer to the ATM section). Most banks and forex co's in the UK and abroad now offer these for a nominal charge and most can also be reloaded and used time and again. Check out Caxton FX VISA prepaid travel currency cards who have been recommended to us in the past.


Travel Insurance

White ArrowDo I need Personal Travel Insurance & how can I purchase it?

Definitely! We require everybody to have their own travel insurance on all our trips. The insurance we offer covers you for medical, baggage, repatriation, most optional excursions and currency. See our Travel Insurance page for more info and prices on our tailor made overland adventure travel insurance.

If you reside in the UK or Europe irrespective of your nationality, then you can buy our tailor made travel insurance online at the time of booking or at a later date through your account.

White ArrowWhen should I purchase travel insurance?

We advise you to take out travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip as certain policies may cover you if you have to cancel your trip for certain reasons.

What To Take

White ArrowDo I need to bring a sleeping bag & roll mat?

Regional Explorer Trips: you will need to bring a 3 - 4 season sleeping bag & sleep sheet for your trip.
Overland Adventure Trips / Ultimate Expeditions:  you will need to bring a 3 - 4 season sleeping bag and roll mat.

White ArrowCan I bring my own tent?

Oasis provide roomy 2 person 'Dome' style tents for everyone on the Overland Adventure and Ultimate Expeditions to share with another group member. If you would like to bring your own tent so that you need not share, this is possible. Please just contact the office for details for your specific trip.


White ArrowWhat type of luggage should I bring?

A conventional backpack/hold-all is recommended for your belongings from 70 to 90 litres maximum, we also recommend you have a 15-20 litre day pack to carry your daily essentials. 'Hard' luggage is really not a good idea on our trucks, and may well not fit in your locker. On our Regional Explorer trips some people bring a suitcase instead of a backpack. It's not ideal by any means, given the rough terrain in some areas, but you can get by with it if necessary. Please note there is no room on our trucks for extra storage, so please leave surfboards, bicycles, etc at home!

Food & Drink On The Trip

White ArrowI have special dietary requirements will this be a problem?

Vegetarians/Vegans/Celiac's/Gluten & Lactose intolerance. If you are a vegetarian, or have any other specific dietary requirements, please inform us when you make your booking so that we can let our crew know in advance. Our Tour Leader will always do their best to cater for any dietary requirement or intolerance whenever possible. It must be remembered that the variety of dishes available may not be the same as available to meat eaters. If there is anything in particular you require in your diet or because of an allergy or would miss from home, it would be best to bring these with you, as these cannot be purchased with normal Local Payment funds due to the high cost of these specialised and often imported foods.

Remember that when eating out in local restaurants & hotels that the vegetarianism or food allergies/intolerances, is still not widely known about or understood by many local people. i.e Vegetarians or Vegans will often be offered fish or chicken in error.  Most large towns and cities, or areas used to tourists, will often have more choice but please be aware that it will probably not be as varied as you are used to when eating out at home.

White ArrowHow often will I need to cook?

There's no cooking required on our Regional Explorer trips.

On our Overland and Ultimate Expeditions you'll be expected to share the cooking duties amongst the group on the truck - everything from shopping in a local market, to chopping and washing food and the actual cooking itself. You'll get into cook groups usually of around 3 people, and have a day when your group are responsible for the cooking for the truck. Usually it works out about once a week, but this will vary according to the number of people in your trip.

White ArrowCan I drink the water?

On our Regional Explorer trips you'll be relying mainly on bottled water, as in many places the local supply can cause upset stomachs etc for those not used to it. On our Overland and Ultimate Expeditions the truck will have a supply of treated water for you to use. We recommend that you use this as much as possible, to avoid the environmental impact of buying bottled water. There will still be times though that you are away from the truck, for example in cities or on optional excursions, when you will need to buy bottled water.

General On The Road Info

White ArrowWhat is the layout of the overland vehicle?

Check out our unique truck design/layout: Our Vehicles

White ArrowWhat will life be like 'on the road' & what should I expect?

See each individual trip summary page that you are interested in & select the 'Before you go' tab followed by 'Life on the road' for more details.

White ArrowHow will I be able to contact home on my trip?

The most reliable way to receive messages from friends and family is via email.  This is quite common place in many areas that we visit, but the efficiency or speed of connection is never a guarantee!  You will usually be able to email every couple of days, depending on which countries you visit.   Telephone calls can be expensive usually £1 to £5 for a three minute call, and internet access around £1 to £3 per half hour.  There is also the opportunity to use Skype in many areas.

- For longer trips Poste Restante mailing service is still operated by the main post offices in major towns, and they will normally hold mail for up to 4 weeks.
For information on how it all works www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poste_restante

White ArrowHow can I travel more responsibly?

We care about the people and countries we visit and work with and the impact we have on their communities - see the 'About Oasis' tab and click on the responsible travel tab for ideas to help us help them. 

White ArrowWhat will the climate be like?

This will vary depending on the area you are visiting. Please check out the individual trip you are looking at, select the 'Before you Go' tab followed by 'Climate' for more details.

White ArrowHow can I charge electrical equipment on the trip?

A worldwide travel adaptor is also a good idea for use in hotels / campsites etc, and can easily be bought at most airports. Log onto www.kropla.com for information regarding the different electrical plugs and voltage used in each country. In general the less electrical equipment you bring, the less cords and chargers you have, the easier life is! It may be difficult to find a power source for charging at times, so a spare battery is a must!

On our Overland and Ultimate Expeditions we have a couple of 12 volt 'cigarette lighter' charger sockets on each truck - so bring an in car charger for your device if you want to use these sockets. Bear in mind that these sockets will be shared amongst the whole group, so you will have only occasional access. NOTE: 12V - 230V inverters cannot be used on our vehicles because of the power drain they cause. 

White ArrowAre the trips safe?

There is an unavoidable degree of risk involved with any type of travel, and you need to be comfortable with this before setting out. Though incidents are thankfully rare, there is always the possibility of robbery and other crimes, or personal injury through bad luck or misadventure. We will do our best to minimise the risks to you, but there is a lot more that you can do to help yourself. In terms of theft, our general advice is that the less expensive items that you travel with, the less of a target you are. Everyone wants to bring a camera, but we urge you to consider leaving lap-tops and mobile phones as these are desirable items for theft. When going out in a city, don't wear valuable jewellery or flash clothes, and if you are taking your camera, consider carrying it in an old looking carrier bag or something, so that it doesn't attract attention. Try to order taxis through hotels and restaurants rather than hailing them on the streets, and wherever possible don't travel alone. Excessive consumption of alcohol will impair your judgement as well as making you an easier target, so be sure to moderate your intake. Your tour leader will be able to offer you further advice, but general steps like those above will help to greatly reduce the risks to your personal safety.

When undertaking optional activities, always operate within your limits, and follow the guidance of those running the activity.  All of the activities carry a degree of risk, and you should make your own decision whether you are comfortable with them before deciding to undertake any activity. Along with this make sure you are covered under your personal travel insurance policy to undertake any activity.

In terms of political and local issues, we will do our best to take account of these when planning our itineraries. Your safety is our primary concern, and should a problem arise with an area on one of our trips, we will where necessary make changes to the itinerary to avoid it. You may wish to take a look at the UK Foreign Office advice for any countries that you are intending to travel to, as they have details of current political and safety issues as they see it. See the following link: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/

Work For Oasis

White ArrowI would like to work with Oasis. How do I find out more?

We are always on the lookout for good, enthusiastic, and competent Drivers & Tour Leaders. If you are hard working, have a positive attitude, enthusiastic about meeting new people and visiting new places and dont mind leading a nomadic lifestyle, living out of your backpack and being away for over a year, then  you might be the sort of person we are interested in! If you are all of the above as well as level headed, patient & you fancy a change in direction and lifestyle then email us or check out our work for Oasis page for more information.