Payment Failed

Thank you for trying to make your payment. Unfortunately the payment failed. This may be for several reasons...

  • You abandoned the attempt to pay part way through, before entering all your card details and submitting the payment request. That will still generate this page, but you can just ignore it and try again when you are ready to pay.
  • You have given us an address for your booking which does not match the billing address for the card you have used. These need to match exactly, or the payment will fail. Please let us know if we may need to update your address.
  • You entered some card details incorrectly - card number/expiry date/security code. Please try the payment again.
  • You entered your card details correctly, but did not complete the 3D Secure verification check, or entered the wrong code. This is an extra step required by banks now for larger payments to provide you with extra security and may require you to submit a code sent to you by SMS/text message or email. Please try the payment again.
  • You have entered everything correctly, but your bank/card issuer has declined the payment. This may be for several reasons. Your bank may have blocked the payment just because they see it as a large amount to a company you haven't paid before, and so they have not allowed it to protect you from possible fraud. Or it may be because they have seen that you are trying to pay a company in a different country (for example, you live in the USA while we are in the UK), and they have put a safety block on the payment for your security. This happens quite frequently. If you are sure that you entered all your card details correctly, and completed the 3D Secure verification code correctly then we suggest you call your bank/card issuer and tell them that you are trying to pay Uncover the World Travel Ltd. in the United Kingdom. They should release any blocks and allow payments to us to go through. Then after 5-10mins, try the payment again.

We do apologise for any inconvenience if you are having problems making your payment. The additional security steps that both we, and the banks have put in place are there for your protection and to prevent fraud. They do however result in more failed payments like this for the various reasons given above.

If you still have problems, then please contact us so that we can either help to resolve the issue or arrange an alternative method of payment.