Your Role in Travelling Responsibly

Your Role in Travelling Responsibly

We believe that as individual travellers there is a lot that you can do too. Here are a few ideas:

Before You Go

  • Recycling facilities in many of the countries we visit do not exist in the way we know them here. Therefore, whenever possible remove and recycle any unnecessary packaging before you go on toiletries etc.
  • Whilst on the subject of toiletries why not look at taking environmentally friendly products eg. shampoo, shower gel with you to avoid polluting local water supplies.
  • Purchase and use rechargeable batteries for your cameras, ipods, phones etc. We have 12V cigarette sockets on our vehicles, so all you need is a charger. Better still why not invest in a wind-up or solar-powered torch or media player before you travel.
  • Learn some of the local language and read up on local history/culture before you go. Try reading literature by local authors or listening to some local music. You'll get so much more out of your trip. If you're on one of our South America trips why not consider attending a local language school, staying with a local family, before your trip starts. We can organise this for you. 
  • Why not pack some pens/pencils exercise books in your rucksack and they can be donated to a local school, or project while you're away. Our crew can advise you of the best places. 
  • Take a sturdy water bottle with you from home that you can re-use throughout your trip so that you're not constantly buying bottled water and having to dispose of the bottles.
  • Water-to-Go : Oasis Overland have partnered with Water-to-Go to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles consumed during a trip. Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source. Enter the code OASIS15 to purchase your Water-to-Go products at 15% discount. Water-to-Go will then donate a further 15% to Oasis Overland Charity projects.
Your role in travelling responsibly - support local vendors
Your role in travelling responsibly - interact with locals
Your role in travelling responsibly - fill up from local sources
Your role in travelling responsibly - use local transport

While You're Travelling

  • Don't waste water. This applies whether you're filling up the jerry cans at a local well or showering at a hotel. Water is a scarce resource in many of the places our trips visit. Remember we are just passing through, but the local people and wildlife live there.
  • Never buy endangered species or endangered habitat products - from coral and butterflies through to obvious items such as ivory and rhino horn. Apart from the fact of it being illegal it also encourages the thieves and poachers to continue their trade - if there are no buyers there is no market. For more information please visit the CITES website.
  • Look after and preserve the areas we visit. Be careful about stepping on coral reefs or trekking on undesignated tracks. This will damage delicate eco-systems that have taken many years to mature and in some cases are irreparable. It also gives the impression to others that if one person is doing it then they can as well, whereas in fact it will lead to future generations not being able to enjoy it at all.
  • Buy locally made crafts and products - this will help to support local economies.
  • Bargaining is the purchasing custom in many of our destinations, but do not feel that you have to get the cheapest price possible just for the sake of it, or to show off your bargaining prowess in front of your fellow travellers. Pay what the item is worth to you. The equivalent of a few pounds may mean the difference between a meal for the seller's family or not. Remember how wealthy you are compared to local people.
  • Try the local food and drinks - this will help to support local farmers and food sellers. Sitting in a local café is also a great way to meet local people.
  • Dispose of litter appropriately on your trip. This includes cigarette butts. Not only does litter look unsightly it can be lethal to wildlife. Where any toilet facilities exist, however unsavoury they might seem to you, they should be used. Where they do not, always bury your waste and make sure it is never near, (at least 30m) from a water source.
  • When game viewing do not encourage your guides to get too close to the wildlife. Most game-parks have strict guidelines about distances to be maintained from game and these should be adhered to. Also, remember that you should be quiet when viewing game.
  • Respect the local customs, traditions and beliefs of the peoples in the different regions that you travel through. Do not take photos of people, ritual events or special places unless you have asked first. 
  • Dress appropriately according to local codes. This not only shows respect to the local people but will save you a lot of undue attention and potential aggravation. Also show respect around religious festivals such as Ramadan - although the strict codes around this time do not apply to foreigners it is polite and respectful to abide or at least be aware of them and it may well give you a different perspective and understanding on the local culture and people.
  • Photos - ask before taking photos of local people and if possible send the person a copy of it when you get back home.


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