We are excited to announce the launch of a new Exploratory overland trip departing in April 2025. This is a northbound Trans Africa route, travelling all the way from South Africa, through West Africa, and up to Morocco. Our southbound Trans Africa trips are very popular, with this October's departure from Fes already fully booked as far as Cape Town. So, to meet the demand, we have been looking for ways to offer a second departure each year.

The fact that we cannot drive through Sudan, and complications with shipping trucks added to recent issues in the Red Sea, make the logistics of moving our vehicles around somewhat complicated! Therefore, instead of another southbound trip, we are launching a northbound Cape Town to Cairo expedition. This should save on both shipping costs and emissions generated by what we do.


There are several different legs available, which you can join either by starting in Nairobi, Cape Town, or Accra, and finishing in Accra or Fes. We will also consider people who may want to start, or finish, in Luanda or Freetown as well.


What are exploratory trips?

We are calling this an Exploratory trip, because although the route is familiar, doing it in the opposite direction and at a different time of year is going to present some new challenges. The weather will be good, warm, and sunny in both southern and northern Africa. But there will be rain, and some muddy & difficult road conditions in some countries closer to the equator (especially in the border areas of Gabon/Republic of Congo, Cameroon/Nigeria, and Guinea/Guinea Bissau). So, if you love the idea of helping dig a truck out of the mud, this may be the trip for you!


Also, as we are going in the opposite direction to normal, we will be obtaining our visas for upcoming countries in different places. This all means that the planned itinerary will be somewhat flexible. We may get ahead of schedule, in which case the crew will look to add some new places to the itinerary. Or we may fall a bit behind and need to adjust things in other ways later on in the trip. This is all par for the course with an overland expedition like this -  on our current Trans Africa group for example, some people added a visit to see lowland gorillas near Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, as they had some spare time due to the Gabon land borders being closed.


The longest trip will start in Nairobi on the 23rd March 2025, following our traditional Coast to Coast route south through Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana before getting to Etosha National Park in Namibia. Here, the group will meet up with our main Trans Africa truck bringing travellers who have started their trip in Cape Town on 22nd April. The group will combine in Etosha and head north into Angola, up towards West Africa. Meanwhile, the southbound Coast to Coast truck will continue down to Cape Town to finish its trip.


All in all, we hope it will be a great adventure for everyone who joins the trip.

We are offering an early booking incentive, with a 10% discount available for anyone booking the trip up until the 31st of July. Previous Oasis travellers will get their normal repeat customer discount on top of that.


Finally, look out for more Trans Africa news coming next week, with updates about 5 new country additions to our northbound route from Cape Town to Cairo...


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23 Mar 2025 - £4795 (less 10%) + $2000 Local Payment

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23 Mar 2025 - £7795 (less 10%) + $3400 Local Payment

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