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Tour Leader Kim’s Trans South America Highlights

Tour Leader Kim

This time last year I was preparing for my biggest trip with Oasis Overland to date, the epic Trans  South America. The trip finished successfully in June this year, with some fantastic memories and new friends made.
When looking back on a trip like that, I’m sure many would agree with me that it is hard to sum it up in any one sentence. Sure, we had our share of the spectacular and the excitement, but we also had our fair share of the tough times which come hand in hand with a trip of that kind.

Personally for me, highlights would have to include the entirety of Patagonia. I can never get enough of the scenery in the south. Even if the weather can be a bit temperamental, I was lucky enough to hike up to the top of the Francis Valley in Torres Del Paine National Park (Chile) in brilliant sunshine (but with the expected wild winds). I had always heard it was stunning up there, so was proved. Almost as  payback for that, 2 days later we trekked up to the towers in pouring rain for 3 hours before being advised to turn back by rangers. Such are the whims of the Patagonia weather!

Caiman and piranha – Los Llanos

Our journey through Venezuela will also be first in my mind when I look back on that trip. Not only because it was during a very fraught time for a country deep in economic crisis, but for the scenery, diversity, wildlife, and extremely hospitable people who just want to let you know Venezuela is not all bad news! Once we figured out the currency issues, it was a matter of avoiding roadblocks and enjoying what Venezuela had to offer. (Just changing $1 gave us 350 individual bills, so you need to carry a backpack just to have enough money for dinner!).


Anaconda – Los Llanos Venezuela

We did a 3 day safari into the Los Llanos with reknown guide Alan Highton, which for the novice twitcher in me was very exciting. The diversity and abundance of birdlife was incredible. We even had some time to poke around in the swampy parts with sticks to find an anaconda! If you hit soft stuff it was mud, if it was harder, it’s probably an anaconda. I stopped when I realised that if I did find an anaconda, what would I do with it??? Lucky we had some experienced locals with us who took

Birds leaving the roost

good care of the large female we found so we could grab a photo or 2, appreciate her impressive size before she slithered back to her swampy home.

Writing this has brought back many of the amazing experiences our group has on this trip and I’m looking forward to the next one! This year I’m heading off for the Trans-Africa, 40 weeks from London to Cape Town and back up to Cairo, and I can’t wait to get back on the road.

Hope to see you all on the road!

If you are interested in our epic 31 week Trans South America Expedition from Quito to Quito click here  The trip has been extended recently to include French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname. These destinations are proving very popular.



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