Our tips for long haul travel

There’s no arguing that long-haul flights can be frustrating and often leave people feeling ruffled – even if you’re a pro-flyer! All that time sat in plane isn’t the most fun you’ll ever have in your life (but it’s worth it once you land!). If you’re preparing for a long-haul flight for your Oasis Overland tour, then we’ve got some handy tricks that’ll make it a whole lot nicer up in the sky.

Take A Big Water Bottle

Never get on a long-haul flight without a good-sized water bottle – either an empty
one you’ve bought from home or a full one you’ve bought in duty free. It’s so important you stay hydrated during your flight as the air conditioning can really dry you out, and those little cups they bring you definitely aren’t enough! Ask them to fill up your bottle at regular intervals to keep your mind and body hydrated.

Protein-Rich Snacks

Although you’ll probably get at least one meal included on a long-haul flight, bring protein-rich snacks just in case you get hungry (or in case your meal doesn’t look great or doesn’t fit your dietary requirements). It’ll save you from splashing the cash on their high-priced crisps and sweets!  Things like bags of mixed nuts and protein bars will keep you fuller for longer and keep any low blood sugar levels at bay.

Sleeping Essentials

If you want to get a good few hours of sleep on the flight (who doesn’t?!) then you could bring an eye mask, a neck pillow and the all important ear plugs to help you nod off.

Get Up and Move

It’s so, so important that you move about on a long-haul flight.  All that time up in the air isn’t good for anyone’s circulation, so get up and get moving! No one’s going to think you’re strange if you wander about the aisles and even when you’re in your seat make sure you’re moving your feet around to keep the blood flowing. We also recommend wearing flight socks underneath your usual socks, these are deigned to prevent DVT and can also reduce any foot swelling that often happens on long haul flights.

Dealing with Jet lag

Jet lag can be such a pain when you arrive at your destination. You want to start having fun but the change in time zones has really affected you! To improve your chances of a gentle jet lag, here are some tips:

  • Change your watch – Adjust mentally to your new-time zone a few days before you leave by setting your watch
  • Sleep schedule – Using the new time on your watch, try and sleep a few hours earlier or later to prepare (but don’t be late for work!)
  • Ditch alcohol and caffeine – Drink plenty of water on the plane but avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol and caffeine
  • Don’t fill-up – Avoid tons of carb-rich foods at the end of your flight and when you land as these will make you feel heavy and sleepy, which definitely won’t help with jet-lag!

We hope these little tricks will make your long-haul flight easier, but just remember that even if the flight is rough it’ll definitely be worth it when you touch-down at your destination!