Thank you for an epically awesome trip

Having just completed the 2014-2015 Trans Africa trip with Oasis Overland I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for an epically awesome trip! I’d like to give special individual thanks to the following people. 

To Natalie in the Oasis office for doing a great job in the office pre-trip on planning, assisting and problem solving in order to kick start this trip off with smoothest start possible. She was exceptional in returning emails, providing information and most importantly reassuring passengers that everything was in fact going to work out just fine! To Katie in the Oasis office ongoing support throughout the trip, it was valued and appreciated by all. To various other Oasis crew we met along the way who provided inter-truck entertainment and company (apologies if I forget names here, I blame the whisky and tequila provided): Pete & Tabitha, Mick & Alan, Mark D. & Liam, Chris and Mark. To Mr Steve Newsway on the West Coast for his undeniable fountain of wisdom, noble integrity, sense of calmness, and most of all his wealth of experience that truly helped us all in so many ways throughout our journey.

To Mr Steve Lloyde on the West Coast for his undoubtable craziness, undeniable young at heart attitude, immaculate knack to lighten a Trans group mood, and most of all his wild sense of adventure and need to forever try to get lost, taking with him those crazy enough to volunteer… or more often those who just happened to be in the back of the truck at the time! To Mr Gareth Redington on the East coast for his excellent driving skills, laid back positive attitude, “creatively” memorable history lessons, generous displays of party mood, and most of all for his hard work in consistently never pulling short on going out of his way for his passengers to ensure they have the best trip they can have. To Mr Joseph Kennedy, the man crazy or stupid enough to take on an outrageous Trans Group the whole way – UK to Cairo via Capetown! For all his well appreciated, often understated hard work, his careful planning to make things run smoothly and help pax get the absolute most out of their trip, and most of all for his get-on-with-it T.I.A. attitude that pulled the Trans all the way across 27 countries of the African Continent on an epic adventure never to be f