Travelling with Nomads

If you have access to British Television and have been inspired, or intrigued, by Kate Humble’s Living With Nomads  series  our Marrakech to Marrakech (11 days) Trek Morocco – Berber Migration Trip  allows you to spend six days  travelling with a Berber family as they move their animals between summer and winter pastures.

You will be camping alongside the family and trekking with them over the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Walking with goats, sheep, mules, donkeys and camels by day, and camping out under the stars, this trip provides a fascinating insight into a way of life that is rapidly disappearing

Accompanied by a local guide, porters and an excellent chef you will need a good level of general fitness, but you don’t need to be superfit!

The scenery on route is spectacular, ranging from rocky, mountain-edged river beds to lush green valleys, even passing snow! Generally, walking begins by about 8am and you will stop and set up camp by the afternoon. After lunch and plenty of Berber tea the afternoons are free to relax, take a stroll, ‘foot spa’ in a nearby stream or have a cookery lesson with the fantastic camp chef. Evenings are spent dining, chatting, star gazing and maybe some impromptu singing with the trekking guides.  (Excellently accompanied by drumming on the jerry cans and plates!)


Breathtaking scenery and the general sense of remoteness are real highlights of this trip as well as potentially being invited in for tea with nomad families. Their hospitality is humbling. Amidst the careful tea-making process your guides will translate and help you learn a bit about your host’s lives, sipping sweet tea before setting off again on our trek.

This trip also gives you a few days in Marrakech with plenty of opportunity to explore the myriad sights – the Unesco acclaimed Djemaa el-Fna with it’s story tellers, musicians, snake charmers and merchants; Bahia Palace with it’s stunning opulent ceilings and architecture, Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle and of course, the labyrinthine souqs.

Stop-overs are also made to the majestic waterfalls at Cascades d’Ouzoud and the red mud-brick Kasbah at Ait-Benhaddou-where you can practise your Lawrence of Arabia; Gladiator and Jesus of Nazareth poses, as they were all filmed at this impressive site!

(For those of you interested in this trip and worried about the level of walking Jackie, at Oasis HQ undertook this trip in her late 40’s and describes herself as ‘not particularly fit!’ (Her description-not ours!) She did however do some training prior to the trip.

This really is a unique trip. Our next departures are on 18th May and 21st September 2019. (Due to the migratory nature of this trip it only runs twice per year-in May and September. ) Click here to find out more