Crew focus: Steve

Our Driver Steve has been overlanding for over 40 years, here what he has to say.

How long have you been overlanding? Since 1978 !!

What was your first overland trip? Delhi to Athens

Funniest Overlanding moment: Libby, a traveller on one of my most recent Central Asia trips,  running around in Kyrgyzstan in a T-Rex suit! It bemused other travellers and locals alike!

Happiest overlanding memory: meeting Janet

Favourite place/activity: Driving through the Democratic Republic of the Congo….I don’t like motorways!

Recommended destinations for 2018: Iran….the people are really friendly and welcoming and it has interesting historical sites and good variation in roads

Best truck meal: Roast beef and pig on a spit in Eureka Camp, Zambia for the millenium

Advice for Oasis travellers: Bring 3 things with you – clothes pegs, a washing line and a sense of humour

Final Words of Wisdom: I’ve seen many changes in my time in this business, and overlanding is still a fantastic way to travel. I’ve met so many good people and seen so many things