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Following our venture into this amazing country last year, Oasis has decided to make Tajikistan a permanent fixture within our repertoire. It's a stunning addition to our trips through Central Asia, and a great way for travellers to visit somewhere that until recently was very difficult to access.

Tajikistan is a country for mountain lovers, indeed, for anyone who is stirred by incredible vistas. While it's the smallest country in the Central Asian states, it boasts the highest mountains of all - in fact, over 90% of the country is mountains! With half the country over 3000m in altitude, it's not for the faint hearted, but those who choose to travel here will not be disappointed.

We encompass much of this beautiful nation on our trips and depending on which one you choose, you'll visit the capital Dushanbe, gaze at Afghanistan across the river border, explore the famous Fann Mountains or traverse Eastern Tajikistan along one of the most iconic routes worldwide: The Pamir Highway. Central Stans & Pamir Explorer 40-day trip

The trip that includes most is the Central Stans & Pamir Explorer 40-day trip. On this expedition, your first glimpse of Tajikistan will be from neighbouring Kyrgyzstan: you'll see the snow-capped peaks standing in a sprawling range that seems to stretch forever. The weaving mountainous road that navigates the pass separating the two countries is a journey in itself, and the colours of the surrounding rock change with almost every turn in the road. Until now, your journey along the M1, the Pamir Highway, has been mostly on tarmac, but as you start to snake your way towards one of the highest altitude border posts worldwide and through into Tajikistan, the rumours you heard about the road conditions in this country all come true. Damaged by erosion, earthquakes, avalanches and landslides, this highway suffers, and you’ll drive on dirt tracks, on gravel roads, through sand and potholes – everything. Eastern Tajikistan accounts for 45% of the country, but a mere 3% of the country’s population lives here, so you’ll also have the roads mostly to yourself. It’s a harsh and unforgiving land, but a beautiful one. Get ready for some amazing photo stops!

Sprawling landscapes of Tajikistan

Khorog is the first major stop travelling in this direction, a tourist hub where you can grab a cold beer, a good coffee, and also where you’ll spend a great deal of time looking at Afghanistan across the river. You can even visit, if you time if right: every Saturday there is a bazaar where both Tajik and Afghan people can come to sell or purchase goods, and tourists can come to watch too!

The fascination with Afghanistan is hard to quell, especially as the next drive takes you directly alongside the other country, so close you can see the donkey carts trotting between fields. The highway has been carved out of rock and hugs the river as it twists and bends – get ready to do some breathing in!Stunning views

Dushanbe is the nation’s capital, and the city boasts the world’s second tallest flagpole. It’s modern and clean and very different from everything else you’ve seen of the country. Walk down paths with manicured rose bushes either side, visit the national museums and you might also enjoy sampling the international food available – there are some surprisingly good restaurants in town!

The incredible Fann Mountains form part of other trips through Central Asia and are often travellers’ highlights. They are stunningly beautiful and there is the chance to hike, check out waterfalls, or just sit and absorb the scenery. Most of the peaks are over 5000m, so get ready to look up!

We are so excited to share Tajikistan with you! Check out the following trips to discover it on your next adventure:

Pamir Explorer (18 days) Bishkek to Dushanbe

Central Stans (22 Days) Dushanbe to Bishkek

Central Stans & Pamir Explorer (40 Days) Bishkek to Bishkek

Endless roads

Happy Travels! :)