Celebrate the Festive Season

Fancy time on the beach during the Festive Season this year?

Have you ever thought about getting away for Christmas and New Year but have never actually done it?!

We have lots of other options for you to choose from of course check out our Christmas and New Year departures here! But what better way to spend your festive season then on the beach be it for the ultimate relaxation in Zanzibar or to party the night away on Copacabana Beach in Rio!

Zanzibar is the perfect place to escape and get some much needed downtime! First and foremost you won’t be let down by the incredible white sandy beaches and crystal clear water! You can choose to swim with dolphins, sunbathe or indulge in various water sports including snorkelling and scuba diving. The dhow sunset cruise with local musicians is also an activity not to be missed!

The charm of Zanzibar doesn’t stop with the beaches; otherwise known as the ‘Spice Islands’ the farming of spices form a large part of the culture. You can choose to take a spice tour where you get the chance to sample several delicious Zanzibar dishes utilizing the many spices you will learn about. Lunch is included in the cost and this is cooked by the wife of our local operator so you get to meet and spend time with local people, see where they live and sample what they eat all in one!

Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is packed full of history and things to do. It is the old quarter of Zanzibar city, the island’s capital and over the years African, Arabian, Indian, European and Swahili influences have blended to create the way of life here.

The night market showcases fantastic local food, especially fresh seafood for those that want it…there are other options too! 

Walking tours immerse you in the history of this Spice island and the history of slavery as well as the maze of narrow alleyways lined by colonial style houses, bazaars and mosques which are fun to explore. Whilst there it is also worth checking out the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe), the People’s Palace (Beit-el-Sahel), the Old Slave Market which is now a cathedral, the Darajani Bazaar, mosques and Hindu temples and the Persian baths!

Why not soak up the atmosphere whilst enjoying a cocktail on one of the roof top terraces or go to the Africa House to overlook the ocean and with a drink in hand see if you can spot any dolphins!

Zanzibar really is the ultimate place to relax, unwind and give you the best chance of starting your 2020 the right way!

Check out these trips that include time in Zanzibar over the festive season:

Nairobi to Harare (22 days) departing on the 14th December
Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam (33 days) departing on the 25th November
Nairobi to Johannesburg (93 days) departing on the 25th November

If celebrating with an incredible party atmosphere is more up your street, how about seeing in the New Year on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? The atmosphere is electric with millions of people joining in. The locals get there earlier in the day to ‘reserve’ their patch for the celebrations and as the day goes on the crowds keep building with the party culminating in a fantastic  firework display over the sea making it a truly unforgettable way to start your South American Adventure!

Whilst in Rio, you could also take the cog train up to Corcovado for stunning views beneath the open – armed Christ the Redeemer, enjoy a cable car ride up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain for breathtaking views over what many describe as the most beautiful city in the world and if you time it right watching the sun set on a clear day is by far the most rewarding from up here.

Sip on one caipirinha (or a few!) whilst watching the sunset over Ipanema beach or for the more energetic find the perfect beat at a samba club in Lapa one of Brazil’s most musically charged neighbourhood and dance the night away or walk up the world famous Selaron steps.

For those interested in the culture and history of Rio a tour of one or more of the favelas should not be missed or for anyone who is football mad, the Maracana Stadium is a must see – you may even be able to catch a game!

The other option is to start your trip in Quito in November or Santiago in early January 2020 giving you the opportunity to finish your South American adventure by experiencing the magnificent Rio Carnival which is said to be the biggest carnival in the world with over two million people per day on the streets! The parade through the Sambadrome features elaborate floats surrounded by dancers and drummers and the local blocos and bandas (street parties) are guaranteed fun!

The choice is yours! Check out the trips below which include the option to do one or the other in Rio:

Rio to Manaus (57 days) departing on the 4th January
Quito to Rio (15 weeks) departing on the 8th November
Santiago to Rio (51 days) departing on the 1st January

We love chatting about all things travel so do get in touch if we can help with any further information or you need some inspiration about where to go next!