Oasis Overland July 2020 Newsletter

Yes, who would have thought it...... our incredible travellers, tour leaders, drivers, operation teams and wider Oasis family scattered to the four corners of the globe and (currently!) not moving? But more on this later.

July, 2020

Staying at Home Talk from the Team at Oasis Overland!

In this update we of course need to mention the "C" word. The thing that has changed lives beyond imagination and how it will affect what the future looks like. It's here, and we're likely to have to manage it for some time to come.

If (like us) you're bored with lock down and can't wait for your next bit of truck action then we have a fantastic reunion opportunity for you right here in the UK. But there's more....... If you haven't yet experience an overland adventure but would like to have a taster before taking the plunge then read on!

Further afield we are pleased to announce that we have added more dates for our ever popular Trans Africa trip in 2021 giving more travellers the opportunity to embark on this epic expedition.

Lastly, whilst stuck at home you might just want to buy some new kit! - so we're really pleased to announce that for all current and future bookings we have negotiated a 15% discount both in store and online with Cotswold Outdoors. Its a great time to break in those new boots!

In these uncertain times its even more important to talk about your travel plans for 2021 and beyond so please do give us a call or drop us an email.  We love talking through travel plans!

Stay safe and we hope to see you on the road soon!

The Oasis Team

The Previous Four Months.........

Awesome Parking Skills

What do you do when a global pandemic suddenly accelerates and affects all parts of the world? You have travellers and crew in the 4 corners of the globe with seemingly nowhere to go with borders closing at an alarming rate essentially meaning you're possibly going to be stuck! - I know the Emoji I am thing of? - how about you?

With Foreign and Commonwealth travel advisories that you can usually realistically expect to hit your inbox once a week suddenly increasing to around 25 a day as something changed somewhere. So you need to make a plan and FAST! - this is real and this is serious!

For our travellers on trips, the messaging was tragically seriously consider GOING HOME and going NOW. Flights were filling up fast, prices were skyrocketing to an unbelievable level and quarantine procedures were being instigated in different ways in many of the countries we were in and heading towards without warning. Not negotiable and in many cases somewhat panicked. You could be forced to stay if you don’t give this your full attention!

Our crew did everything they could to assist, but ultimately in many cases they just needed to find a safe location for their trucks once our travellers had left and head home to their respective countries, be it the UK, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya or the USA.

And that’s where our trucks still are…… One in a campground in Brazil, one in a truck park in Argentina, and one in a monastery in Angola! - the rest thankfully back at their respective bases.

Sadly our dedicated crew currently have nowhere to go and our valued local guides, Taxi drivers, restaurant owners and local agents have no travellers to look after. There are however positive signs starting to emerge and we hope to be back on the road soon!

The UK based crew are all now working from home and pushing hard to get extra dates up for next year as there is clearly a huge desire from our travellers both past and future to get back on the road too. People who overland have that insatiable wanderlust and always want to get back out there to see the world and support the communities they pass through.

What has been brought into stark focus is just how much your booking affects so many people not just here in the UK and for the Oasis family but more importantly in every country you will visit and our extended family. Some of these people you will never see or meet but they are there working hard and making things happen for your trip possibly of a lifetime.

We are so grateful to all our travellers for their understanding and work they are doing with us to re-schedule their trips for later this year and into 2021 and beyond.

There has never been a better time to take stock of everything that has happened and value what’s important in life and to make a plan for the future and we very much look forward to helping you to do just that.

Travelling may never be the same again, but whatever it does look like we’ll be there to play a big part in your BIG adventure!


Oasis Overlanders Reunions

We Have More Tents
Anyone else bored of lockdown life and can’t wait till the time of meeting up with people again?  With pubs and shops starting to reopen a bit of normality is returning, albeit a new version of normal.

But one thing we have noticed that hasn’t changed and that is the amazing spirit of the Oasis family and that includes all our previous travellers with us. 

Do you sometimes think about sitting around that camp fire again, having a few drinks and just catching up with your fellow travellers, sharing your stories and photos and going back down memory lane from when you were out on the road?  Being next to the big yellow truck with some music coming out the speakers....well guess what, now you can!  

If you want to organise a reunion for your group in the UK you can!  We are offering the opportunity to do exactly that with one of our trucks either in the New Forest, Derbyshire or at Oasis HQ.  If you have another location in mind, please contact us.  

You can come to these locations and spend two nights back in a tent alongside the truck for just £150 per person.  

If you are interested you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

Overlanding Taster Weekends in the UK

Oasis Overland Logo

Ever wondered how spending time on one of our overland trucks would feel before taking the plunge on an expedition with us in Central Asia, South America or Africa?  Well, wonder no more!

We have specially selected two locations for our first Oasis Overland Taster Weekends in the UK.  Taking place in September 2020 this is your chance to look around one of our custom built overland trucks and talk to UK and overseas Oasis crew about life on an overland trip.

You will also get to erect and sleep in your own tent, experience cooking over the campfire and take a hike in the countryside as well as meet the Oasis team and founder, Chris Wrede.  

For more details please see our website on this link

Trans Africa - More Dates

Trans Africa - More Dates!

We are excited to let you know that in 2021 we have an extra new departure date for our Trans Africa expedition. The full adventure is 42 weeks travelling from the UK all the way down the west coast of Africa, before then making its way up the east coast, finishing in Cairo. There are of course a few shorter sections you can join, with start/end points in Accra, Cape Town, Nairobi and Addis Ababa. 

The start dates for this Trans Africa are;
UK: 28th March 2021
Accra:  15th June 2021
Cape Town: 13th September 2021
Nairobi: 12th November 2021
Addis Ababa: 8th December 2021

The Trans Africa expedition is where you should expect the unexpected and is as far away from your average holiday as you can get. If you would like to know more then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For those interested in the full trip please click here  to go to our website
Trans Africa Map

Great New Discount With Cotswold Outdoor

Cotsworld Outdoor Logo

Working with Oasis Overland, Cotswold Outdoor have been preparing people to discover the great outdoors for over 40 years, offering clothing, equipment and accessories from the very best outdoor brands. Anyone can find you the best kit, but only Cotswold Outdoor can find you the right kit, tried and tested by passionate outdoor experts so you can make the most of every moment spent out there. So, whatever your next adventure looks like, Cotswold Outdoor’s experts are on hand to make sure it’s your greatest yet. For all confirmed bookings we offer 15% discount both in store and online – T’s and C’s apply. 

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