Overlanding for the Under and Over Fifties

Life begins at 21! At 40! At 50! At 60! What is the latest age the media are trying to reinvent? Does life really begin again? The truth is, exclusive of ill health or injuries, life can start or continue being awesome at any age. But there does seem to be something about reaching 50 that makes people hesitate. Some people question whether they are now too old to do some things or take certain holidays. Is it our age that affects our sense of adventure?

Here at Oasis Overland HQ, we often have potential travellers phoning up, asking if they are ‘suitable’ to travel with us – for all sorts of reasons – and we love that. Overlanding is a specific type of travel and while we welcome anyone willing to embrace the participatory style of trip, we also want to be clear about what you’re getting yourself into – not everyone wants to put up their own tent or cook for the group over a fire. But whether you have a good time on a trip rarely depends on your age. Rather, it’s all about your attitude.

I’ve been lucky enough to run trips for Oasis in Africa, South America and Central Asia, and almost a decade and a half later, I still attest that my favourite groups and best times were had with a group of mixed ages – many of whom were over the age of 50. Having a group representative of various generations and age brackets brings a rich mix of experience and wisdom. Combined with the enthusiasm and hedonism inspired by new experiences and challenges, this creates a sure-fire template for a great adventure – for everyone involved. Some travellers may bring different stories or a more expansive knowledge of the world, but other travellers are brimming with questions, are eager to do anything and everything, and people at both ends of the spectrum can learn something from the other, as well as everyone in-between. It’s not always a question of how much beer you can drink (indeed, I’ve seen some 60-year olds drink people in their early twenties under the table!), or how you handle it the morning after (note – the older generation are way better at handling their booze), but about how you all work together. A full Oasis Overland Truck

In your life at home, most people choose not to hang out with people their parents’ age, or people who were in their kids’ year at school. Their social group is more often than not a bunch of like-minded and similar-aged individuals, who they’ve chosen to spend their free time with. Even at work, where perhaps you’re more likely to operate alongside people of different ages, meaningful relationships aren’t easily forged.Overland travel welcomes travellers of all ages

On an overland truck, things are a bit different. Yes, you might initially gravitate to your fellow travellers of the same ages, looking for commonalities, but as a group, you spend a lot of time together, and everyone on board that truck is up for a great adventure.  Those commonalities you’re searching for suddenly crop up in other travellers too – some of different ages to you, and any barriers that age may have thrown up are eroded. The group is a blend of individuals, each bringing something unique to them, and when everyone starts forming the bonds to create their “truck family”, often age becomes irrelevant. Yes, some people might need more help carrying their tent. Others may need a helping hand in the kitchen. But often, what people bring or don’t bring to the group isn’t age dependent. 

While you might think it’s the travellers over fifty who are a bit nervous about travelling on an overland adventure, the same hesitations crop up in enquiries from younger travellers too. Their friends think it might be a bit daring: what if you’re stuck with a bunch of rowdy twenty-somethings or boring grandparent types; why don’t you fancy a traditional package hotel break, and really, do you want to go on holiday where you have to dig your own hole to poop in?!

You can’t choose your group, but you can choose your attitude. Overland travel welcomes travellers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, as long as you bring your sense of fun and adventure with you.

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See you on the road!