Top Destinations to see in Brazil

Ten awesome Brazil destinations you won’t believe you haven’t visited yet!

The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics brought a lot of attention and tourism to Rio de Janeiro. This, combined with less international media attention surrounding the Zika virus, travellers are again viewing Brazil as a fantastic country to visit. However, most tourists visit only Rio, Sao Paulo and Iguaçu Falls; a tiny fraction of the world’s 8th biggest country. Earlier this year, whilst on the Oasis Overland Trans South America Expedition, I discovered some unexpected and beautiful Brazilian gems.


Taquaracu near Palmas. A small town nestled in the heart of Tocantins state, Taquaraçu is home to (probably) the longest zip-line in the world! There’s plenty of time to enjoy the lush views as you zoom down the 3000m long line.

Porto Seguro

Once you escape the busy main town (where the Portuguese first landed in Brazil over 600 years ago) you’ll be rewarded with palm lined beaches and a massive water park! Not your typical Overlanding activity, but a fun way to cool off all the same!


I wasn’t expecting much from Belém; it is a large, industrial city at the mouth of the Amazon. But I was very pleasantly surprised! A combination of interesting riverside markets, the contrast of historical and modern buildings, and some of the friendliest locals I have met, made it a memorable stop on our journey.


Just south of Salvador, Itacaré is a small, friendly fishing village, with a low-key party atmosphere. Adventurous types can lug their surfboards along winding trails to catch waves on pristine hidden beaches. A highlight from my time here was a birthday beach BBQ that involved some questionable caipirinha making skills and a very sandy cake.

Ouro Preto

Brazil isn’t just scorching beaches and humid rainforest. Tucked away in the highlands of Minas Gerais, is the picturesque town of Ouro Preto. Rich from centuries of gold mining, the cobbled streets are home to stunning churches, quaint cafes and indulgent ice cream parlours. Ouro Preto OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Around Carnival time, Paraty is bursting with visitors enjoying the party atmosphere. It is easy to see why it’s so popular; from the colourful boats in the harbour to well preserved old town to the sandy beaches and warm sea, Paraty has it all! A popular activity here is to enjoy a few drinks while sailing around bays and islands on a schooner.


From Trancoso, you can take tours along some of the most pristine coastline in Brazil. But even if you don’t leave this charming town you’ll be impressed by the fantastic food, top quality craft market and chilled-out residents.


Salvador isn’t exactly “off the beaten track”, but it’s often overlooked by travellers in favour of the larger coastal city of Rio. Salvador is the definition of a melting pot; the food, textiles, music and dance found there are all heavily influenced by its Afro-Brazilian residents. Often visitors are put off by Salvador’s notoriety for petty crime. I’d recommend leaving all your valuables behind while exploring; you’ll be able to enjoy this colourful city even more if you’re not looking through a camera lens the whole time!

Pedra Caida

Somewhere between Palmas and Belem, far from any towns, you’ll stumble upon a bizarre tourist complex. At first glance you may be fooled into thinking it’s merely an overpriced, run down holiday park. But as you follow your guide, holiday park turns to wooden path then wooden path turns to rocky stream. Soon enough you have to change into your swimmers and swim the last few metres into a cave. Your efforts are rewarded with the spectacular waterfall of Pedra Caida and a refreshing splash in the pool below. It really is a magical sight! Chapada Diamantes NP Brazil


The number one ‘most awesome Brazil destination you won’t believe you haven’t visited yet’ has to be…drum roll please… Lençóis! This friendly little town is right next to Chapada de los Diamantes NP; a picturesque national park with plateaus, caves and waterfalls. The town itself is full of cafes selling local tapioca pancakes by day and in the evenings they transform the streets into lively outdoor bars